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Festive Outdoor Holiday Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY

Now that we’ve celebrated Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and #GivingTuesday, it’s time to wrap up 2016 with festive outdoor holiday decor! Your front entrance and porch should be welcoming and is a great place to showcase your family’s unique personality. Our outdoor experts design custom-created outdoor holiday displays, and have put together some festive porch decoration ideas that you can easily do yourself.

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Quiet Village Landscaping Joins Grow Native!

Grow Native! is a native landscaping educational program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.
Quiet Village Landscaping first learned about Grow Native! through our involvement with native planting and biodiversity events and programs throughout the Midwest, and this summer we were happy to become the latest professional member of this amazing organization.

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Best Landscaping Ideas in St. Louis for July

Summer arrived in St. Louis with thunder, lightning and steady rainfall! The kick-off to July has been damp so far, bringing with it sewer overflow, yard flooding, and in some cases, need for rain mitigation.

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Apply for a Rainscaping Grant, for $3,000 Towards Your Project!

Quiet Village Landscaping has been involved with MSD’s Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program over the past several years, and now we’re helping home and business owners apply for the 2016-17 round of grants available!

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Tips on Saving Money on Landscape Maintenance in St. Louis

If your like most homeowners, your looking for ways to reduce the cost of home maintenance, including landscaping costs. Keep your St. Louis yard looking good by paying special attention to the health of your perennial plants, shrubs & trees.

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What to Plant in Your Butterfly Garden

Oftentimes, our clients ask us what plants work best to attract beautiful butterflies to their yard. For over ten years we’ve been working with homeowners and property managers to create an outdoor oasis

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Special Offer: 15% Off New Landscape Projects!

Quiet Village is excited to announce that for a limited time, we’re offering special discounted pricing on any new landscaping or hardscaping project that starts before February 15, 2016!

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Landscaping That’s For the Birds

As many of us dust off and install our feeders for the winter, it’s worth considering what more we can do in our landscaping for our feathered friends.  Birds are in trouble and need our help.  In the past 400 years we have lost 9 species in North America – today nearly half of our bird species in North America are considered threatened (that’s 314 species!).  So what can we do to support them in our own yards?

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  • Plant Native Plants – Native plants serve as food sources for our insect population (especially slow-moving, nutritionally dense caterpillars) and in turn support our birds. All birds depend on insects to feed their young – even hummingbirds!  That hummingbird feeder is essential for busy adults, but does nothing to build the bones and muscle of growing baby birds.  An oak tree supports 518 different species of butterfly and moth caterpillars; violets support 27 species – in contrast, hostas, daylilies and monkey grass support 0.
  • Keep (or plant) trees – Yes, this time of year they’re a pain (unless, of course, you’ve called Quiet Village to take care of them for you!). A flowering dogwood, our Missouri state tree, provides nectar for pollinators, berries for birds, food for caterpillars, and good nesting sites.
  • Wait to do your clean-up until the spring – For tidiness’ sake and good neighbor relations, clean up your front yard now. But leave your back beds until spring.  Many of your perennials, such as coneflowers and asters, provide seeds for the birds over winter.  And the leaf litter in your beds is an important over-wintering site for many of our caterpillars.
  • Offer free water – Bird baths or low volume pondless waterfalls (see our previous post) our great additions to your yard. Water is especially important over the winter, our driest season of the year.
  • Provide winter cover – Evergreens are the best option, but even dense shrubs help our birds ride out the cold of winter and protect them from predators. Our only native evergreen in the St. Louis area, the Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), will provide both cover and a food source with their gin berries.
  • Save trees that contain holes for nesting – When safety allows, keep your dead trees that provide nesting sites for our cavity-nesting birds such as owls, woodpeckers and our feeder favorites – chickadees.

Backyard bird feeding is a great first step but considering one or more of these items to create a true habitat in your yard.  You’ll be amazed with the new birds you will start to see and will probably start noticing the array of other creatures that start calling your yard home.

For more information on what more you can do for the birds, contact the St. Louis chapter of the Audubon Society and ask about their Bring Conservation Home Program .

Rebecca Eisele, one of our landscape designers, has a passion for birds and would love to help you get started.

What’s a Pondless Waterfall?

By: Evan Winkler, Landscape Design Assistant

This month a small group of landscape professionals, including our Design Assistant Evan Winkler, gathered at the Covenant House to participate in a Pondless Waterfall Workshop hosted by MPR Supply Company.

The Covenant House is a non-profit here in St. Louis, which provides emergency shelter to homeless youth; as well as providing the skills and resources to become successful members of our community. As part of that mission, the Covenant House is turning an empty side yard into a serenity garden. Many at-risk youth suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and the garden will be a safe place for reflection and meditation.

What started as digging a hole in the ground quickly became a one-of-a-kind pondless waterfall. Now anchoring the northeast corner of the future serenity garden, a pondless waterfall in this location has many benefits.

Pondless Waterfall

  • Reduces street noise
  • Visually appealing
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Perfect for setting where liability and safety might be a concern
  • A great alternative to more demanding ponds

For more information on pondless waterfalls or if you’d like to speak with a Quiet Village Landscaping expert on creation of your own pondless waterfall, please contact our office at (314) 657-7050 or email

It was a privilege for Quiet Village to take part in this workshop which was both educational and supportive to the efforts of our community.

U City in Bloom Garden Tour 2015

U City in Bloom is a non-profit beautification effort for the St. Louis neighborhood, University City. Through community involvement and engagement they have greatly improved the beauty of local street corners, schools and parks.

Their bi-annual Fall Garden Tour was a great hit this year, with absolutely perfect weather, a great turnout and a great selection of gardens showcasing University City’s historic residential areas.

Quiet Village Landscaping was happy to participate, by offering garden tips and advice at featured garden #7 in the historic Parkview neighborhood, where we interviewed Horticultural Director for U City in Bloom, Jesse Gilbertson who gave a great insight into the organization and a unique Bonsai Garden from the tour.

Check out our YouTube video summary of one of our favorite garden-feature events!

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