Early Fall Lawn Renovations and Repair

Early autumn is an ideal time to perform a lawn renovation at your St. Louis-area property. Renovating your lawn can be especially effective when paired with our 6-step fertilization program. Our lawn renovation process transforms your lawn space from a weedy, patchy mess to a lush, green carpet. Before the Quiet Village team performs any lawn renovation work, we first start with soil samples that give us information on what we need to add or modify in your soil to improve the overall quality and establish grass. We then perform the following steps:

Weed Spray: If you have a particularly weedy lawn containing clover, violet, yellow nutsedge, and crabgrass, we’ll use a broadleaf weed spray to eliminate any invasive weed plants in your lawn.

Dethatch: Overtime, some yards become one thick knot of thatch. This can be a particularly challenging problem in any lawn with bermuda or zoysia grass. By dethatching your lawn, light and nutrients is able to reach your soil, and improve lawn quality.

Aerate: Aeration removes 2-3″ plugs from the soil and places them on top. This allows water, oxygen and fertilizer to get to the root level, as well as reducing soil compaction over the entire lawn space.

Overseed: We spread grass seed across your entire lawn to thicken bare areas and establish grass in areas that have had weeds and invasive grasses removed.

Compost: The best natural fertilizer is dark black compost. With irrigation and rain, and nutrients from the top-dressing are absorbed into your soil and grass.

Water: It’s very important to keep your newly treated lawn hydrated over the first several weeks, after a lawn renovation has been performed.

Want to know more about our lawn renovation process? Watch us perform one!