Edible Vegetable Gardening in St. Louis


STL Edible Gardening

Adding edible plants to your own garden can revitalize your landscape design, while providing a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits of your gardening efforts at the dinner table with healthy, fresh vegetables. However, not all plant varieties are the same, or suited for Missouri’s unique climate.

Listed below are some of our Quiet Village favorites, which fare well in our unique St. Louis-area climate.


Many varieties will do well in the St. Louis area. Try the hybrid variety ‘Brandywine’ for a beautiful pink heirloom in your garden. Cherry tomatoes are also a great option, as they continue to produce fruit until frost and can be grown in a container. Consider planting ‘Sungold’, which has won several taste tests for sweetness.


The classic variety ‘Black Seeded Simpson’ is known for its quick growth and great taste. For a sweet bib variety, try ‘Buttercrunch’ or ‘Galactic’ for its deep red coloring. Consider mixing these into your landscape for a striking accent in an ornamental garden.


A favorite in Illinois and Missouri is ‘Melody’. This variety is perfect as both a spring and fall crop, and has a long growing season.


As the St. Louis summer heat kicks in, it’s nice to have access to refreshing backyard cucumbers! The variety ‘Diva’ doesn’t require a pollinator, and ‘Speedway’ is known for its disease resistance.


Potatoes are a great crop for the St. Louis area, and you’ll likely see them at most local farmers’ markets. ‘Irish Cobbler’ is known for being an early potato variety. ‘Yukon Gold’ has a nice buttery flavor and makes an excellent mashed potato. ‘Red Pontiac’ is a great choice for new potatoes, because it’s thin red skin doesn’t require peeling.

Bush Beans

‘Blue Lake 274’ bush beans are not only great producers, they can be enjoyed fresh or frozen for later use.

Contact us to learn more ways to add edible plants to your home landscape, so you can start to enjoy the fruits of your labor in your own garden.

Backyard organic vegetable garden. St. Louis, Missouri