Get Smart with Irrigation Control


Is it difficult to find the balance between desert wasteland and swampy marsh with your current irrigation setup?  Quiet Village Landscaping’s smart irrigation controllers and moisture sensors automatically adjust to environmental factors, preventing overwatering.  Not only does this conserve water and save you money, it also avoids the fungal diseases and insect problems found in waterlogged lawns.

Smart controllers manage watering frequency by gathering data from sensors and weather information.  Rainfall, high wind and low temperatures can prompt smart controllers to reduce watering.  These technologically evolved controllers even take into account factors such as soil type, lawn slope, plant type, and sun exposure.  Moisture sensors sense water levels directly at the root zone level, providing an unmatched level of optimization.

Don’t run yourself ragged by constantly synching your irrigation system with St. Louis’ unpredictable and extreme weather patterns.  Talk to us about upgrading your existing system or installing a new one to get optimal results and peace of mind.  Find out more at