Snow Removal in Action!

St. Louis, Missouri received its first sizable snowfall this week, with an estimated 3″ accumulating in the St. Louis-metropolitan area. The Quiet Village Landscaping team was out in the winter elements overnight – plowing, shoveling, and salting the residential and commercial properties of our clients. Our team specializes in snow removal and ice control services that are effective at both getting rid of snow and ice as well as preventing ice from forming without damage to your property’s concrete, asphalt, or landscaping.

Check out these photos of our snow crew in action! 

Quiet Village Snow Plowing

Team Quiet Village out in the snow.

Snow Plowing St. Louis

Quiet Village plows throughout the night, to ensure our clients can safely access sidewalks and driveways.

Quiet Village Snow Plowing

Quiet Village plows, shovels, and salts!

If you or your local business is currently searching for snow removal and ice control solutions, give Evan Winkler a call for an estimate, at (314) 625-5172.

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