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Home decorated for the holidays with lights

Trim Your Trees! Quiet Village Starts Holiday Lighting Season

It seems like it happens every year. You barely have time to digest Halloween Candy and retail stores have transformed into a winter wonderland!

You’d love to make your house feel as festive, but instead every time you visit the grocery store you are reminded of that daunting task. Rather than spend your time digging through cords and replacing burnt out bulbs, consider these reasons for hiring Quiet Village to handle your Holiday Lighting.

  • CUSTOM DESIGN. Overwhelmed by the prospect of lighting your home for the holidays? Have a member of our design team meet with you to discuss your ideas for the perfect holiday display. A made-to-order design will highlight your unique taste and character, while considering the landscape, architecture, infrastructure, and logistics.
  • SAVE TIME & ENERGY. Filled with excitement and joy, the holidays are also one of the busiest times of year. Save time, effort, and money by allowing us to cross this chore off your to-do-list. Our crews are trained to install your display quickly and efficiently so you’re not hanging lights for hours in the cold. In addition, we install LED lighting technology which uses 75% less energy and lasts 25 times longer than older incandescent lighting systems.
  • PROFESSIONAL TAKEDOWN AND STORAGE. Once the Holiday parties have ended the last thing you want to do is deal with the clean-up. Not only do we install your lighting system but we take down your decorations and store them until you need them the following year. No need to find extra space in the attic.

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Quiet Village Landscaping looks forward to helping you reduce your workload in order to celebrate more important things during this Holiday Season!

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