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deer creek watershed alliance rainscaping cost-share program

Rainscaping Cost-Share Program : What You Need to Know

Each year, the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance welcomes eligible St. Louis-area property owners to apply to receive a rebate of 75% of documented and approved costs (up to a maximum of $4,500) for a rainscaping project design, implementation, and/or maintenance costs for rainscaping!

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RainScape Rain Garden Example

RainScape Rebate Promotion

Reduce Runoff while Retaining Cash

Landowners in 19 participating municipalities, including residents, schools, churches, and businesses are eligible to take part in the RainScape Rebates Program.  This voluntary program financially assists landowners in the Deer Creek Watershed wishing to landscape their yards to improve stormwater management.

Watch this video on how to save money and reduce stormwater runoff via the Deer Creek Alliance’s RainScape Rebate Program.  Click on the image above or follow this link to watch the video:


Rebates of up to $2,000 are available.  The application deadline is February 12, 2014.  Visit to learn more.

In addition, for a limited time Missouri Botanical Garden in offering a RainScaping Prize Drawing.  Go to by February 11, 2014 for a chance to win a $500 gift certificate for Shaw Nature Reserve’s Spring Wildflower Market in May or one of five other rainscaping prizes valued at $350 to $1000.

St. Louis rainscape rebate program

St. Louis County Introduces RainScape Rebate Program

Going green just became a little easier on your checkbook.  The Deer Creek Watershed Alliance, a project of the Missouri Botanical Garden, is providing homeowners a financial incentive to reduce rainwater runoff problems.  Residents of fourteen participating St. Louis County municipalities can now apply for a RainScape rebate of up to $2,ooo.oo to establish a rain garden, amend the soil, or install a rain barrel in their yard.

A rain garden is a great solution for existing drainage issues in your yard.  If you have areas in your yard that hold water for hours (or even days) after a downpour, where turf refuses to grow and always looks patchy and weak, a rain garden may be just what you need.  By creating a shallow depression planted with a variety of attractive native plants, rain water can be held and properly absorbed by the soil to replenish groundwater supplies.  This is a great improvement to allowing rainwater to stream off of your property to pollute and flood neighboring creeks and waterways.

Quiet Village Landscaping can design a rain garden that adds beauty to your landscape while improving your property value.  A well planned St. Louis rain garden will also attract a variety of birds and butterflies that your family can enjoy throughout the year.  You can feel good about providing a habitat for these native creatures, reducing water pollution and conserving our soils. Applications for the RainScape rebate program are due by March 1, 2013, so call Quiet Village Landscaping to start planning your future rain garden now!

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