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Mild Winter Weather Alert!

The weather outside is…. delightful!

The holidays are just around the corner, but that isn’t bringing our usual winter chill to St. Louis. Take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather by getting a jump-start on your landscape’s maintenance.

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How to Cultivate your Mulch – YouTube Video

Check out the latest Quiet Village Landscaping Video!

Dennis Evans shows you how to cultivate mulch to improve the overall health of your garden beds.


Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Pruning Class at Missouri Botanical Garden

Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Several of our teammates had the privilege of attending a pruning class this month at the Missouri Botanical Garden taught by Benjamin Chu.  Chu is the Horticultural Supervisor at the Missouri Botanical Garden, having been a part of their family for almost three decades.

Chu provided an overview on how pruning is used to control plant size and shape, enhance beauty, correct damage, decrease risk of disease, and increase flower and fruit yields. He discussed proper pruning techniques, tools and tool care, and timing of pruning.  Chu focused on how to maximize beneficial effects for trees, shrubs, and evergreens, demonstrating with a live pruning demonstration.

We strive to continually learn and grow as a company in order to best serve St. Louis’ landscaping needs.  Please connect with us if your St. Louis home or business could benefit from pruning, landscape maintenance, or customized design.

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Forest Park Landscaping: Honeysuckle Removal

On Friday, November 14th, Quiet Village Landscaping Co. volunteered with St. Louis’ Forest Park Forever Nature Reserve staff and Park Ecologist Peter VanLinn III to clear away invasive plants and trees.  Despite the 34-degree weather, we removed honeysuckles, mulberries and other invasive species from a large plot of land in-between the Highlands golf course and Jefferson Lake.  We ground up the plants so that the wood chips could be used for compost.  Afterwards, Dennis had all of us over to his house for a BBQ.  Now that’s what we call a good day!

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Lawn Maintenance: Claim Your FREE Walkthrough and Estimate


Lawn Maintenance: FREE Walkthrough and Estimate
Discover the benefits of our year-long maintenance plan

The weather is starting to show hints of spring — it’s time to start thinking about your lawn again.  Maintaining your lawn and garden is very hard work, and troublesome problems like drainage issues, unhealthy grass, or weed invasion only contribute to the frustration.  Plan ahead to give your lawn the premium care it deserves without all the hassle.  Sign up for a year-long maintenance plan with Quiet Village Landscaping.

We offer the full range of professional-grade maintenance services.  We keep your grass healthy, lush, and weed-free with lawn renovation, overseeding, sodding, aeration, top-dressing, and turf fertilization.  We keep your yard neat with mowing, edging, pruning, mulching, bed maintenance and seasonal color displays. We can serve you with irrigation maintenance, clean-ups, and soil testing so that you can enjoy your outdoor living space.

Our first priority is to please you.  We take pride in our careful work, environmentally friendly methods, and quality materials.  So take some of the stress out of your life—contact us today to claim your FREE walkthrough of your property and receive an estimate on a yearly maintenance plan at no extra cost. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Mulch: A Winter Blanket For Your Plants

Quiet Village Landscaping offers a wide variety of mulch colors and types.

As the weather gets cooler, mulch your planting beds in order to prepare your landscaping for winter. Mulch keeps the soil a more consistent temperature throughout the winter. Beds without mulch will be subject to the constant thaw and refreezing that occurs over the course of a St. Louis winter, which can cause the water in the soil and roots to expand and contract. The expansion and contraction of the water may even work the roots out of the soil, exposing them to the cold, drying winter winds.

Mulching your planting beds has the added benefit of conserving moisture, further protecting your plants from the dry winter conditions. Some types of mulch have the added benefit of naturally decomposing into organic matter perfect to help the soil in spring.

Mulching is a great way to prevent pesky weeds from sprouting. Some weed species produce tens of thousands of seeds per plant, so even when all the weeds have been pulled from a bed, there may be seeds lurking just under the surface, waiting to pop up at the first sign of spring. Putting down a layer of mulch prevents weeds from getting the sunlight they need, severely slowing their growth.

Not only does mulch benefit your plants and inhibit weeds, but it can also give your landscaping a fresh look just in time for the new season. Quiet Village offers a variety of mulch types and colors.  Ask us about our environmentally friendly options! Call us today and talk to our experts about what kind of mulch is best for your needs.  Together, we can keep your planting beds cozy all winter long.

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