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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Besides enjoying pumpkin-spiced everything and thinking about what you’ll be for Halloween this year, fall is a great time to give your lawn an extra boost to make it through the upcoming winter months.

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What’s a Pondless Waterfall?

By: Evan Winkler, Landscape Design Assistant

This month a small group of landscape professionals, including our Design Assistant Evan Winkler, gathered at the Covenant House to participate in a Pondless Waterfall Workshop hosted by MPR Supply Company.

The Covenant House is a non-profit here in St. Louis, which provides emergency shelter to homeless youth; as well as providing the skills and resources to become successful members of our community. As part of that mission, the Covenant House is turning an empty side yard into a serenity garden. Many at-risk youth suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and the garden will be a safe place for reflection and meditation.

What started as digging a hole in the ground quickly became a one-of-a-kind pondless waterfall. Now anchoring the northeast corner of the future serenity garden, a pondless waterfall in this location has many benefits.

Pondless Waterfall

  • Reduces street noise
  • Visually appealing
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Perfect for setting where liability and safety might be a concern
  • A great alternative to more demanding ponds

For more information on pondless waterfalls or if you’d like to speak with a Quiet Village Landscaping expert on creation of your own pondless waterfall, please contact our office at (314) 657-7050 or email

It was a privilege for Quiet Village to take part in this workshop which was both educational and supportive to the efforts of our community.

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