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QV Tutorial – How To Perform A Lawn Renovation

Josh demonstrates the steps Quiet Village Landscaping uses to turn a shabby yard into a healthy green grass.

– Soil Test
– Weed Spray
– Dethatch
– Aerate
– Overseed
– Compost
– Water

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How to Cultivate your Mulch – YouTube Video

Check out the latest Quiet Village Landscaping Video!

Dennis Evans shows you how to cultivate mulch to improve the overall health of your garden beds.


Missouri Botanical Garden landscaping st. louis missouri

QVL Field Trip! Work & Play at Missouri Botanical Garden

On July 1st, Quiet Village Landscaping employees had an informative, fun – and very wet field trip to Missouri Botanical Garden and nearby Tower Grove Park. Our talented and knowledgeable landscape designer, Rebecca Eisele, led a tour through parts of the garden to point out proper installation, maintenance, and pruning techniques to ensure that our staff is well informed about best management practices.

An inspirational tour through the Japanese Garden focused on the precision of maintaining straight pruning lines and balanced design forms. By examining expertly trimmed Japanese Maples, Rebecca was able to show how pruning techniques can achieve an open, graceful look with selective pruning – carefully removing individual branches to keep the plant’s natural form. The group also observed various evergreens and learned how properly timed shearing allows new growth to come in and disguise cuts while also providing time for cuts to heal before the stress of winter.

The tour moved on to the Blanke Boxwood Garden to see the proper shaping of boxwood hedges with the base being wider than the top, allowing sunlight to reach the entire plant, resulting in a fuller shrub. At this point, the skies opened up and our tour came to an abrupt end. The concert scheduled for the evening, as part of the Whitaker Music Festival, was cancelled, so the team wrapped up and headed to a covered pavilion in Tower Grove Park to enjoy our picnic. We had a nice bonding moment, huddled under the pavilion, watching the intense lightning and storm encompassing us, while eating smoked pulled pork sandwiches and savory sides.

While the St. Louis wet weather put a damper on things (pun intended), we had such a positive reaction from our team, that we are making this an annual team-building event.

Check out the photos from our inspirational tour below!

Quiet Village Landscape Crew

The Quiet Village Team!

St. Louis Missouri grass varieties

Rebecca leads us through unique grass varieties.

Missouri Botanical Garden is such an inspiration to our team!

Missouri Botanical Garden is such an inspiration to our team!

st. louis lawn garden tour

Our team capturing inspirational shots.

Missouri Botanical Garden landscaping st. louis missouri

Strolling around the Missouri Botanical Garden grounds.

landscape tour st. louis

Dodging the heavy rain! It’s time to pack up, and head to Tower Grove Park.

tower grove park historic picnic landscape

Enjoying our picnic under the beautiful historic pavilion in Tower Grove Park.

st. louis storm quiet village landscaping rain

The team keeps dry during one of the big St. Louis storms this summer.

Outdoor Luxury Living by Quiet Village Landscaping

The yard is an extension of your living space, so why not make it as functional and liveable as possible? At Quiet Village Landscaping we see the swath of green space around a residence as capital that is often underutilized real estate. Take full advantage of your property by designing an outdoor space that feels more like an additional room than simply a yard. Built-in features like stone or paver fire pits and fireplaces create warmth and welcome use throughout the year, even when the temperatures drop. The benefit of having an open fire for grilling adds functionality to charm.

Sitting wall around a fire pit

Sitting walls compliment a firepit for added enjoyment!

Sitting walls provide structure to your outdoor space and convenient seating for social gatherings. Our design team balances the functional hardscaping with gorgeous plant and flower selections which soften the feel of your space.  The most memorable outdoor spaces have a mix of both elements. Permanent physical features provide a solid structure and support function while softer elements like plantings, trees, and manicured lawn areas create variety with a palette of colors and textures that change with the seasons.

Utilize your backyard space with design features.

Whether you would like to add structure or softness to your outdoor escape, our team can help. From patios to walkways, pergolas to water features, our goal is to maximize the functionality of your space while adding beauty and serenity that will increase your pleasure and your property value.

garden arbor, beauty in landscape design, pergola

A pergola adds welcoming feel.

We are happy to offer your home our expertise and professional installation skills.  Call our office at (314) 657-7050 or email to request a free initial design consultation.

Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Pruning Class at Missouri Botanical Garden

Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Some of our teammates with Benjamin Chu after his pruning class at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Several of our teammates had the privilege of attending a pruning class this month at the Missouri Botanical Garden taught by Benjamin Chu.  Chu is the Horticultural Supervisor at the Missouri Botanical Garden, having been a part of their family for almost three decades.

Chu provided an overview on how pruning is used to control plant size and shape, enhance beauty, correct damage, decrease risk of disease, and increase flower and fruit yields. He discussed proper pruning techniques, tools and tool care, and timing of pruning.  Chu focused on how to maximize beneficial effects for trees, shrubs, and evergreens, demonstrating with a live pruning demonstration.

We strive to continually learn and grow as a company in order to best serve St. Louis’ landscaping needs.  Please connect with us if your St. Louis home or business could benefit from pruning, landscape maintenance, or customized design.


Spring Clean-Up and Mulching


St. Louis just got hit by another wave of snow, but believe it or not, spring is just around the corner! Whether your passion is outdoor cooking and entertaining, gardening, or just taking in the freshness and tranquility of your private paradise, spring has many pleasures to offer. Few things can compare with breathing in that cool, fresh air right after a spring shower or the excitement of spotting the first emerging crocuses.

Enjoy your landscape to the fullest by maintaining your lawn. Have us clear away the debris that Old Man Winter has left behind. We’ll mulch your beds and prune your trees and shrubs to promote new growth. Your lawn will be presentable and ready for entertaining in no time.

Now is the time to schedule your Spring Clean-Up.
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“Project Clear” Offers Small Grants for St. Louis RainScaping


permeable pavers form walkway to yard, landscaping

A rain garden and permeable paver patio that Quiet Village Landscaping installed in Maplewood.

Great news—the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District’s initiative “Project Clear” offers small grants to help improve water quality through rainscaping! As MSD announces on their website, they “will invest billions of dollars over a generation in planning, designing, and building community rainscaping projects, system improvements, and an ambitious program of maintenance and repair.”

Residents of participating St. Louis County municipalities can now apply for a rainscape rebate to establish a rain garden, amend the soil, or install permeable pavement, rain barrels, or even a green roof on their property. Find out if your property is included in the grant program focus area.


Quiet Village Landscaping can design a rain garden that adds beauty to your landscape while improving your property value. A rain garden is a great solution for existing drainage problem areas in your yard that hold water for hours—or even days—after a downpour. If your lawn has sections where turf refuses to grow and always looks patchy and weak, a rain garden may be just what you need.

By creating a shallow depression planted with a variety of attractive native plants, rain water can be held and properly absorbed by the soil to replenish groundwater supplies. This prevents rainwater from streaming off of your property to pollute and flood neighboring creeks and waterways, and it also provides food and refuge for native wildlife like butterflies and birds.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, contact Quiet Village Landscaping immediately since several deadlines are rapidly approaching. MSD requires all landowners to attend one workshop in order for your application to be processed. Remaining workshop dates include February 26th, March 3rd and March 7th. Register now at

Excellence in Customer Service Award

Quiet Village Given “Excellence in Customer Service” Award

Excellence in Customer Service Award

Quiet Village Landscaping Co. has just won the coveted Star Award from The Pulse of the City News for “combining superior construction product & excellent customer focus!”  The Pulse’s independent research brought to light our outstanding rate of customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship.  For more info, visit their website at

Customer satisfaction is first-priority to us.  Please let us know how we can help you with your garden or construction project so that you can get the most out of your outdoor living space!


Rebecca Elected as Hort Co-Op Representative


Rebecca Eisele, Landscape Designer

Congratulations to Rebecca Eisele–our landscape designer–on being elected as the Horticultural Co-Op Representative for the Landscape and Nursery Association of Greater St. Louis (LNAGSL)!

I (Rachel, Marketing Manager) had the pleasure of interviewing Rebecca on this milestone.  Interview follows:


Rachel: Can you tell me a little about the Landscape and Nursery Association of Greater St. Louis (LNAGSL)?

Rebecca: The LNAGSL is an organization of Landscape Designers, Landscape Contractors, Landscape Managers, Retail and Wholesale Nurseries, Arborists, etc. The LNAGSL organizes monthly educational meetings/events to benefit these various member businesses. LNAGSL also offers one scholarship each year.  You can find more info about them at

Rachel: What is the Hort Co-Op?

Rebecca: The Hort Co-Op is an umbrella organization that presides over LNAGSL, Gateway Professional Horticulturist Association, Greater Saint Louis Flower Growers Association, and the Saint Louis Arborists Association. The main goal of the Hort Co-Op is to organize education programs to benefit all of the member associations. This means that all of the member associations have representatives that relay information between the two boards – letting Hort Co-Op know what events the member associations have planned and coordinating the Hort Co-Op educational events accordingly. The Hort Co-Op also acts as a clearinghouse for information distribution for the member organizations, offers two scholarships a year, and hosts a job postings board.  Their website is

Rachel: How does the election process work and what were some of your qualifications?

Rebecca: I was nominated by a member of the existing LNAGSL board and then the general membership votes in the actual board members. I believe [one is qualified by] generally showing leadership within the industry through involvement. While in Illinois and involved with the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA), I was part of their leadership council and founded a Women’s Networking Group within the ILCA. I was also a member of Kishwaukee College’s Horticulture Department Advisory Board. Thus, LNAGSL’s board knew I was no stranger to committees, board meetings, and event organization.

Rachel: What is the scope of your duties as a representative?

Rebecca: The Hort Co-Op representative is basically the entry level board position and is a two-year position from July 2015-June 2017. My duties involve attending both LNAGSL and Hort Co-Op board meetings to represent both entities to their respective boards. I am also on LNAGSL’s education committee which reviews and selects scholarship recipients and helps organize educational events.

Rachel: I noticed that LNAGSL already has you up on their board and staff page!  Thanks for sharing about your position and congrats again, Rebecca.

patio plants before and after landscaping

Flourishing Garden

We recently checked on one of our customers to see how their plant installation has filled out over this past year.  Look what we found!

Permeable Paver Patio, Rain Garden and Plant Installation

October 2013


September 2014

permeable_paver_patio_web paver_patio_rain_garden_web


Watch us install the patio by heading over to our “Watch Us Work” page at

Find out more about the benefits of paver patios at

Let Quiet Village Landscaping transform your yard into a flourishing garden!

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