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patio plants before and after landscaping

Flourishing Garden

We recently checked on one of our customers to see how their plant installation has filled out over this past year.  Look what we found!

Permeable Paver Patio, Rain Garden and Plant Installation

October 2013


September 2014

permeable_paver_patio_web paver_patio_rain_garden_web


Watch us install the patio by heading over to our “Watch Us Work” page at

Find out more about the benefits of paver patios at

Let Quiet Village Landscaping transform your yard into a flourishing garden!

green homes logo, green landscaping

Green Homes Festival 2014

GH Logo_2014C

The 2014 Green Homes Festival at the Botanical Gardens on June 7th was a great success! Yes, stormy showers eventually chased us inside, but the event was fabulous nonetheless.  Despite the rain, a grand total of 3,781 people attended the show, which included over 70 exhibitors and vendors all focused on some aspect of green living.

Some of the highlights included local food, live music from Eco-Elvis and Wack-A-Doo, the Green Marketplace, activities for kids, and the great variety of educational opportunities for sustainable living.


Our Landscape Designer Rebecca chats with an interested party about our green products and services.

Our booth got a lot of attention because we were one of only two landscaping companies participating in the event.  It was a great opportunity for us to educate others about the environmental benefits of permeable paver patios, walkways, and driveways.

If you would like more information about installing a permeable paver patio, walkway or driveway in your landscape, give us a call to set up a free initial consultation.  And, if you didn’t make it to the Green Homes Festival this year, put it on the calendar for next year!  We’d love to see you there.

benefits of permeable pavers on your landscape

What are the Benefits of Permeable Pavers?


Permeable paver patios, pathways and driveways are much ‘greener’ than their asphalt or concrete counterparts.  Also referred to as “pervious,” permeable pavers allow water to filter into the ground rather than causing runoff.  Permeable pavers allow snow and ice to melt more rapidly.  Water drains into the ground rather than refreezing on the pavement.

When the water is absorbed by the ground rather than flowing into the sewer drains, it greatly reduces the amount of man-produced irrigation that your lawn requires in the direct and surrounding areas.  This helps nourish deep-rooted plants and trees along with surface vegetation like turf and flowers.

Environmentally-speaking, less storm water runoff means that our streams and riverbeds are less likely to flood and the rate of erosion will be reduced.  It also decreases the amount of toxic pollutants such as chemicals and oil that get washed into water supplies, affecting aquatic life, fishing, swimming, and even, in some cases, drinking water.

Permeable pavers come in a huge variety of attractive styles and colors.  Talk to one of our expert designers about your green vision for your landscape.

Watch us install a permeable paver patio.

permeable paver installation video, patio landscaping

Time Lapse Video: Permeable Paver Patio Installation

Watch our expert team install a patio via this time lapse video. Our professional installation is highly customizable so that you get exactly the look and style that suits you best. Here, we demonstrate two different patterns of paver alignment: diagonal and horizontal.

Permeable paver patios are environmentally friendly. Rainwater can trickle through the pavers and soak into the ground instead of contributing to stormwater runoff.  Learn more about the benefits of permeable pavers.

St. Louis' Top Dog in Hardscaping dog towers over bird, keystone wall

St. Louis’ Top Dog in Hardscaping

St. Louis' Top Dog in Hardscaping


There is a plethora of landscaping and construction companies here in the Lou, and all have different strengths.  However, Quiet Village’s quality service and experienced team makes us stand out above the crowd.  And when it comes to hardscaping projects like patios, pathways and retaining walls, we shine.



It starts with the design. We do not settle for “cookie-cutter” packages, nor should you.  Instead, we offer custom designs and the widest selection of quality materials.  Rebecca, our landscape designer, obtained degrees in both landscape design and fine art.  Her thorough training in both the technical and aesthetic sides of hardscaping gives Quiet Village a unique edge.

One of Rebecca's custom designs

Rebecca is very detail-oriented and she listens closely to our clients’ vision for each project.  She takes into account the needs of her client along with the site’s intended purpose.  She has quite the artistic flair, going the extra mile to capture the style and personality of each home owner.



Another thing that makes us distinct is the way our teams function.  At Quiet Village, we bring together talented craftsmen with others of similar skills so that each member can support the others and continue to grow in his or her specialty.  Our hardscaping team is not randomly assigned, but a group of hand-picked experts who enjoy the work and working with each other.  These team members continue to gain experience in their areas of specialization through hands-on training using the latest hardscape technologies and materials.



We have very high standards for our work.  Certified by the National Concrete Masonry Association, we hold ourselves to higher standards than merely the benchmarks of the industry.  We utilize green practices so that our service is environmentally friendly.  But the standard that we most strive to meet is that of our clients.



Nothing pleases us more than hearing how much one of our clients loves our work.   Just recently, Rebecca designed a patio and sitting area for a family in Central West End.  The original patio was brick, but the home owners decided to give the space a fresh look by using natural stone.  However, Rebecca incorporated the old brick into a border around the seating area to reuse the materials they had on hand and to add something that would bring meaning and a sense of home.  The family was very pleased.

Brick border

When we claim to be the “top dog” in St. Louis hardscaping, we are proclaiming our confidence that we will not only perform better than our competitors, but we will meet your needs completely and uniquely.  To this end, we have launched a brand new website showcasing our expertise in hardscaping.  Check out the site at

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