holiday light recycling, Quiet Village Landscaping participates

How We All Ended Up Standing in a Dumpster

sorting holiday lights for st. louis green

“So there we were, ankle-deep in Christmas lights, standing in a dumpster…”

Quiet Village Landscaping had a blast sorting holiday lights with our friends at St. Louis Green on Wednesday, December 11th.  Folks dropped off old Christmas lights that didn’t work anymore at various locations, donating them to St. Louis Green.  Our mission was to extract plastic bags, miscellaneous Christmas decorations, and light attachments, put them in the appropriate bins and place the strings of lights into a huge dumpster sitting outside the warehouse.


One of the great things about the light sorting is how it is a group effort among businesses in the St. Louis area.  Over the past week or so, several other businesses had started filling the huge dumpster with lights.

St. Louis Green estimated that it would take us about three hours to sort the lights that they had on hand.  However, our motivated team sorted them in a blazing fast time of one hour.   When we were done, we had to take a group picture while standing on top of the lights in the dumpster, which contained 12,000 pounds of lights!

Check out our appearance in St. Louis Green’s blog at

Happy holidays, everyone.  Now go out of your way to do something nice for somebody this season.  It’s worth it every time.


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