Apply for a Rainscaping Grant, for $3,000 Towards Your Project!

Quiet Village Landscaping has been involved with MSD’s Project Clear Rainscaping Small Grants Program over the past several years, and now we’re helping home and business owners apply for the 2016-17 round of grants available! Current residents and businesses of St. Louis, Missouri in the 63104, 63108, and 63110 zip codes are open┬áto apply, and we can help!

msd project clear

Our rainscaping designs can help to make sure your project – and funding – gets approved by MSD and the Missouri Botanical Garden. It’s important that your design meets all qualifications in order to be awarded $3,000 in funding towards your rainscaping.

When used effectively, rainscaping can reclaim stormwater naturally to reduce sewer overflows. Project Clear’s purpose is to reduce the volume of stormwater in our sewer system by installing landscaping and helps to capture rain where it falls, instead of allowing water to run off-site. Rainscaping can also be employed to solve drainage problems, increase aesthetic appeal, improve property value, and attract birds and butterflies! View some of our past rainscaping projects below!

project clear rainscaping

st louis rainscaping


Our team is experienced in designing to the guidelines of Project Clear, and can help you get $3,000 in funding for your rainscaping project! It’s easy to get started – simply call our office at (314) 657-7050 to set an appointment with our Rainscaping Specialists to review your project. Act today! Applications are due August 12, 2016 and time is needed to make sure your application is approval-ready.