City Leaf Clean-up Schedules Near You, 2018 Edition

It’s officially fall, ya’ll! 

City Leaf Clean-ups around St. Louis are starting for the 2018 season. So, as your landscape begins to transform from lush green to the stunning fall foliage we get in the Midwest, it’s time to mark your calendar for pick-up dates for your leaf and lawn debris.

To help you stay on top of your landscaping maintenance, we’ve put together our annual list that shows when your city is coming around your neighborhood for leaf collection, yard debris, or other seasonal services.

Even if your neighborhood doesn’t offer fall leaf collection services, we can help!

Just give us a call and we can swing by with our leaf vacuum track that quickly hauls away your leaves, keeping your yard looking great through Halloween and Thanksgiving!

2018 Leaf Collection Schedules Around St. Louis

leaf collection schedule

Creve Coeur, MO Leaf Pick-up 

The City of Creve Coeur begins Leaf Vacuuming and Limb Chipping season the first week in November for 2018.

Wards 1 & 2 receive fall services the weeks of November 12, December 3, and December 17.

Wards 3&4 receive fall services the weeks of November 5, November 26, and December 10.

Get more details from the City of Creve Coeur here.


Olivette, MO Leaf Collection Schedule

The City of Olivette offers leaf pick-ups, scheduled in sections for 2018. If you live in Olivette, visit the City website here to see what section your property falls within to determine which leaf collection pass you will need to be ready for.


Ladue, MO Fall Leaf Pickup Schedule

Ladue, MO offers leaf collection services from October 1st to December 31st. Notification cards are mailed out in September for October, November and December leaf pick-up dates. Collection dates are organized in sections for 2018. Find your leaf pick-up section here.


Clayton, MO Fall Leaf Collection Schedule

For 2018, Clayton residents will be scheduled for leaf collection, with a detailed schedule available online here. Leaf pick-up information is organized by date as well as subdivision or neighborhood to be serviced. Leaves must be raked into curb-line without bags or limbs.


Rock Hill, MO Leaf Collection Guide

Rock Hill provides leaf pick-ups on a two week alternative schedule from November through January. Leaf and brush collection in Rock Hill is scheduled based on regular trash services. Watch the Leaf Collection Guide the City of Rock Hill uploaded here, or you can check out your color-coded leaf pick up schedule here!


University City, MO Leaf Collection Schedule

Often called “Tree City”, U-City picks up leaves starting at the end of October, going through December for 2018. You can view East, Central and West Area collection dates here. Residents can also pick up mulch at Heman Park this year, or schedule a home delivery by calling 314-505-8560 (keep in mind that delivery fees do apply).


Chesterfield, MO Leaf Collection 

Chesterfield doesn’t offer residents leaf collection services, but we do! If you live in Chesterfield, trust our landscapers with an end-of-season yard clean-up that includes leaf removal or collection, collecting yard debris and waste or removal of any small shrubs or trees that are overdue for removal. We provide year-round landscaping services to keep your home looking its best, with seasonal outdoor decor, snow plowing and salting, ice control and more. Call or email us to get a quote for the 2018 Holiday Season!