Drought Conditions in St. Louis – Plants Need to be Watered

Dry conditions in the St. Louis-area are expected to continue, making it urgently important to take action by thoroughly watering trees and shrubs. This is especially important for newly planted trees or evergreens.

Recently, the Missouri Green Industry Alliance (MoGIA) issued a press release urging both homeowners and commercial landscape property managers to take advantage of warm days and get supplemental water to their landscape plants. Their concern is compounded by the extremely mild fall season of 2017, and the opportunity it provided for extended fall planting of vulnerable new landscape shrubs, trees and turf grass, as well as perennials and groundcovers.

Typically in St. Louis, fall planting is considered desirable by landscaping professionals, because normal fall weather provides cooler days and increased precipitation that helps newly planted materials grow roots and become better established in their environment.

By the end of 2017, abnormal dryness to extreme drought was impacting nearly all of Missouri, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.

water your plants st louisQuiet Village Landscaping is recommending that homeowners in St. Louis take advantage of any warm winter days to water all outdoor plants. It’s also important to drain hoses, turn off spigots and keep any irrigation systems winterized to save from any damaged plumbing.

Water your plants and shrubs this winter, to relieve them from drought stress!

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