JP Horizons Face 2 Face Key Landscaping Takeaways

As part of ongoing landscape management training, Quiet Village regularly sends team members to unique educational events. This year, we sent two groups to attend JP Horizons Face 2 Face events. These unique events allow landscape professionals to take an in-depth look at their company culture, business goals, training, and overall health of our businesses. Not only is it a great chance to connect with like minded businesses across the country, each company gains valuable insights into what they are doing well, and what could use some improvement. 

We wanted to share our own experience from attending a Face 2 Face, by focusing on our key takeaways. These become goals for us to strive toward, to become truly better ‘Oasis All-Stars’. 

JP Horizons Face 2 Face Event

JP Horizons Face 2 Face Key Takeaways

An important part of a growing company is to have clearly define budgets, job descriptions, training and communication. Planning, organization, and structure is key to help streamline communication, efficiency, and overall better service for our landscaping clients. 

Aspire software is a great tool. To get optimal results, including reporting, it takes around 2 years for the average landscaping company to become fully functional on Aspire

English is a second language to some of our team members. We picked up a great idea: To provide business cards for team members to use, directing detailed questions or comments to our office staff, for optimal communication. 

Pay based on training. Bonuses and pay raises for landscaping crew members would be linked to completing of training programs or “levels” of mastering key landscaping tasks. 

Recruiting cards. Another great idea: recruiting cards for our team members to hand our to friends, family, or other professionals interested in joining our team

Information + Understanding = Action. Without detailed information and throughout understanding, it’s impossible to expect proper action. Training should encompass proper information and assistance with full grasp of understanding. 

Education & Training Tracking. Establish a method of tracking the education and training team members have completed. 

30/60/90 day employee reviews. All new employees should be given guidance and feedback within the first 3 months of hiring. 

1 on 1 employee reviews. Every single team member is reviewed individually (not as a crew or team). 

Quiet Village Landscaping is excited to incorporate these key takeaways into our business practices, to enhance our landscaping services we provide. Our team will be stronger, and so will our commitment to our core values. Our entire team benefits from the training we take part in!

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To learn more about working with Quiet Village or for business collaborations, please reach out to us! We partner with St. Louis-area plant nurseries, material suppliers, digital marketers like  Sally Evans at Hot House Digital, consultants and outdoor living pros to get projects completed. Quiet Village is a small locally owned business, and that’s who we prefer to partner with and hire!