Landscaping Secrets For Your Front-Yard

The front yard is one of the first things people catch of glimpse of when they come over or pass by your home. Make sure your landscaping makes a good first impression with our expert tips that utilize all aspects of your front yard’s space.¬†

Repeat Plant Types

Using several placements of the same plant type will create a sense to balance and cohesiveness in your front yard. A good base-line to start with might be 5-10 types of perennials, 3 or more varietals of shrubs, and just a few types of trees. You can work around existing plants to balance your landscape’s overall appearance.

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Curve The Walkway

By adding gentle curves to your walkway, you create softened lines that add interest to your outdoor space. Lining the walkway with plants is a great way to add color that welcomes guests into your home before they even step inside!
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Size Beds Correctly

If space allows, plant beds should span about half the width of the house. This ratio gives a visual illusion that your garden wraps around the whole perimeter of your house, making it feel proportionate.

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Don’t Overlook Empty Spaces

Consider planting in the empty spaces of your property – like the area between the sidewalk and street.

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Use Veggies and Herbs

This can work especially well if you have full-sun in your front yard. Not only do herbs and vegetable plants add color, you and your family will be able to enjoy them!

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 Looking for more landscape design ideas? Quiet Village Landscaping specializes in custom-designed landscape plans that are ideal for your unique needs Рincluding eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and cost-effective solutions that every homeowner can appreciate. Feel free to contact us, and we would be happy to create your outdoor oasis!