Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas using Hardscaping, Native Plants & More!

Some people love the hard work of gardening and meticulous lawn care. Then there’s the rest of us – who would rather spend time relaxing and letting the outdoors mostly take care of itself. 

Luckily, there’s more than one way to achieve the ultimate low maintenance landscaping look you’ll get the most out of! 

Plant Once – and DONE! 

Perennial plants are nature’s gift that keeps on giving, season after season, unlike annuals, which have to be re-planted every year. Some perennials plants are more carefree and forgiving than others. Specific plants should be chosen based on desired planting location and conditions. For example, the perfect plants for a rain garden will be very different to the best perennials to use for a super dry, sunny spot in your yard. 


It might sound too simple, but less lawn equals less work! That’s our best argument for hardscaping using pavers, decorative stones, or brick. Whether you decide you a new patio, outdoor kitchen, or garden pathways, you’ll have a durable surface that never needs watering or weeding. 

low maintenance landscaping ideas paver patio pergola

Grow Native

We are long-time supporters of growing native, and as soon as you have them in your yard, it’s easy to see why. Plants adapted to their environments long before people did, so native species are a smart choice for a “lazy landscaper”. Native plants require less water, fertilizer, pesticides, and overall care than other plants. The best low maintenance landscapes blend the perfect combination of plants for your yard, to give your garden year-round interest

Easy Evergreens

There’s nothing easier than evergreens – they keep their vivid color all year long! Choose taller varieties for privacy, creeping varieties for ground cover, or dwarf varieties for flower beds. Evergreens can give any St. Louis property a much needed boost of color in winter, when everything else has died back. 

Less is MORE

Instead of overcrowding a flower bed with lots of plants that need ongoing care, go with just a few high-impact varieties! You might be surprised to find that one or two nice trees paired with low maintenance, powerhouse perennials gives you more time to lounge and enjoy your time outdoors. 

Plant for Rain

In St. Louis we can get a deluge of rain, followed by spells of drought – and everything in between! Choose plants that will happily absorb excessive rain. When your yard has less standing water and stops flooding, you’ll also see a decrease in mosquitoes, too. It’s a WIN-WIN! See the dramatic different below:

rainscaping design before and after transformation