How Much Does a New Patio Cost to Build?

How Much Does a New Patio Cost to Build?

If you are wondering how much a new patio costs to build, you’re in the right place! As you probably already know, the price of a patio is determined by both labor and cost of hardscaping materials selected. At Quiet Village, a new patio wouldn’t be complete without new plantings, too!

To understand specifically how much a patio will cost to design & build, there are many factors that can significantly impact the total price. Here, we wanted to share some basic starting points so you can have a good understanding of how much exactly a patio is going to cost to build. We hope these key takeaways help you decide on the best patio for your budget!

Natural Stone Patios start at $15,000

This would be a base price for a simple patio design & installation without any extensive features or add-ons. This is a great option for those looking to upgrade unused lawn space, or provide a simple gathering place for relaxing and entertaining outside. 

(We have built small, urban patios for less. Compact yards can really maximize their budget, based on size restraints.)

Paver Patio in St. Louis

Natural Stone Masonry Walkways & Stairs are between $5,000 and $15,000+

Outdoor walkways and stairs are one of our most requested hardscaping enhancements. Walkways and stone stairways are an excellent way to transition between outdoor entertaining areas, providing safe walking areas for the whole family. They are high-impact ways to add four-season interest to outdoor areas, too! These outdoor upgrades generally start around $5,000 and go up from there, depending upon the length, size, materials selected, and how elaborate the design may be. 

Outdoor Walkway Construction

Natural Stone Patios with enhancements cost between $25,000 and $60,000

These are the patios you dream about, or see in home design magazines. We consider these outdoor living rooms, because they feature elements like an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, BBQ grill or bar island, outdoor refrigerators, pergolas for shade, and everything else you need to entertain comfortably outdoors. We design & build in this range for lots of projects, because homeowners know they’ll see a ROI on their property when they have a beautiful outdoor entertaining area that simply wasn’t there before. 

Outdoor Kitchen & Grill Island

The “Ultimate Dream” Patios are upwards of $60,000+

In a dream world, every patio we design would have show-stopping elements like a gorgeous backyard pool and surrounding poolscaping, a covered dining area, outdoor lounge room, a relaxing water feature with lush trees and plants surrounding the space for privacy and the ideal staycation oasis. 

These patio projects completely transform a yard into a true outdoor living area that can be used for most of the year in the St. Louis area. 

Patio Cost & Home Value

When you begin looking at pricing for a new patio and the different options out there, what’s most important is the enjoyment that you’ll get out of this new outdoor entertaining area. Spending time outdoors is good for your mental health and overall well being. By creating a comfortable place to spend time outside, you’ll be getting more value out of your patio than just the stones and installation. You’ll gain mornings spent outside enjoying your coffee. You’ll gain a new gathering place for dinner, happy hour, or holidays with your family. You’ll gain more moment to observe nature and support biodiversity (who doesn’t enjoy watching birds and butterflies fluttering around their yard?!). Patios are the most popular way to expand your living space out into the great outdoors… just outside your door!

outdoor kitchen construction

At Quiet Village Landscaping, every outdoor living design/build project is unique. We create a custom master plan of your property that you’ll use for years to come. The landscape design includes elements that you’ll enjoy from the very beginning. Trees and plants will grow and fill in over time. The construction dust will settle, and you’ll truly enjoy your yard more and more with every season. From the very first meeting and walking tour of your property, we bring upscale landscaping ideas and sustainable solutions to you and your family. 

We love our landscaping clients and their projects and enjoy building the patios and outdoor areas you’ll make memories in! 

If you’re ready to talk more about your patio at your St. Louis, Chesterfield, or St. Louis County home, give us a call at 314-657-7050.