Brand-New Rain Garden

rain garden
Brand-New Rain Garden

“I love my new rain garden.  Thanks!”  – Victoria V.

A rain garden is a shallow depression containing rocks and plants that can thrive in wet conditions. These gardens provide an alternative to drainage systems, attract native wildlife, and prevent chemicals used in the yard and home from polluting the water further along the system.

Perhaps you have an area in your yard that retains water for hours or days after a good rain where your lawn looks patchy and weak.  That is an ideal spot for a rain garden.  With the right sculpting and the right plants, a rain garden holds and absorbs water, replenishing groundwater supplies.  This is a much greener alternative to allowing rainwater to stream off of your property, polluting and flooding neighboring creeks and waterways.

Quiet Village Landscaping designs gorgeous rain gardens that add beauty to landscapes while improving property value.  A well-planned St. Louis rain garden will also attract a variety of birds, butterflies, and other native wildlife that your family can enjoy throughout the year.  Let us install your rain garden for you and you’ll feel good about providing a habitat for native creatures, reducing water pollution and conserving our soils.