Spotting Monarch Butterflies in the Midwest!

Monarch butterflies have one of the world’s most spectacular mass migrations – spanning three or more generations and 2,800 miles!

The iconic and easily recognizable orange-colored pollinators make it all the way from their winter hibernation site in Mexico to Canada and back. Monarchs play an important role as pollinators in our ecosystem.

August and September are peak times for their travel through the St. Louis-area.  To help monarch populations thrive, consider planting milkweed and other recommended plants in your yard.

Here is a link to the St. Louis Monarch Mix, a recommendation of native milkweed species and other plants that provide nutrition to the butterfly through various life stages. These plants bloom at different times of the growing season, offering seasonal color and important food and nectar sources for butterflies for the spring and fall monarch migration.

Keep an eye out for these beautiful creatures and share photos on our Facebook page when you spot them and where!