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Time Lapse Video: Permeable Paver Patio Installation

permeable paver installation video, patio landscaping

Watch our expert team install a patio via this time lapse video. Our professional installation is highly customizable so that you get exactly the look and style that suits you best. Here, we demonstrate two different patterns of paver alignment: diagonal and horizontal. Permeable paver patios are environmentally friendly. Rainwater can trickle through the pavers …

St. Louis’ Top Dog in Hardscaping

St. Louis' Top Dog in Hardscaping dog towers over bird, keystone wall

  There is a plethora of landscaping and construction companies here in the Lou, and all have different strengths.  However, Quiet Village‚Äôs quality service and experienced team makes us stand out above the crowd.  And when it comes to hardscaping projects like patios, pathways and retaining walls, we shine.   CUSTOM DESIGN It starts with …