Tree Selection

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Tree selection is one of the first and most important elements of planting a tree. It is crucial to not only select the best quality around the St. Louis area from a nursery or greenhouse, but to select what is best suited for the landscape.

Observing the site characteristics decreases maintenance practices each year which will ultimately save time and money as well as allowing the gardener to have desirable and functional qualities in the landscape. When correctly evaluating the site these need to be considered to have a positive long-term effect:

Long-term Effect: Both the environmental and urban aspects make an immense difference in site evaluation. From light, slope, wind, and salt exposure to overhead wires, buildings, signs, regulations, and street security lights, there is a lot to take into consideration.

Maintenance Practices: Understanding the site and how it will be managed after planting is another critical factor. Maintenance issues such as irrigation, pruning, fertilization, pest control, and cleanup will affect whether or not the tree will be sustainable in its environment. This can also determine how much time and money is necessary to conserve it.

Sustainability: The function of the tree is another important factor to consider in form, longevity, mature size, canopy density, wood strength, and growth rate. Both deciduous and evergreen trees contain ornamental values; deciduous is preferred for urban landscapes because of its canopy and evergreens are recommended for streets because of their upright structures and year-round shade.

Ornamental Value: After narrowing down the list of trees that will survive these conditions, selecting them for their desirable attributes is the final step. Deciduous and evergreen trees are two main categories to choose from after the site evaluation. Ornamental characteristics are usually more desirable for the garden at home with flowers, fruits, fall color, fragrance, texture, and bark. Evergreens can help commercial landscapes with wind resistance, shade, texture, and structure.

All these play important roles in planting a tree. Let us help you get started in the process of tree selection by contacting our Landscape Designer to pick out the right tree for your landscape.