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Rain Gardens

Rainscaping Systems in St Louis, MO


Rain Garden Installation in St Louis, MO. Quiet Village Landscaping offers a wide range of landscaping design services including rainscaping. Adding a rain garden to your St Louis home or property will reduce flooding and improve water quality while cutting down the need for stormwater drainage. Quiet Village creates rain gardens that are designed to pervade stormwater at a fast pace, limiting the time your plants have to sit in water. The rain garden systems provided by Quiet Village Landscaping are constructed using native plants. We use native plants because they have deep root systems that help stormwater make it's way into the ground. If you'd like more information on rain gardens or any of our other landscape design services, contact Quiet Village Landscaping today.

Quiet Village Landscaping is a full-service landscape design and installation company with over 10 years in the landscaping and lawn care industry. We are passionate about sustainability and environmentally friendly landscape practices, and we invite you to join us in protecting St Louis, as well as, the rest of the environment by choosing eco-friendly landscaping. With the addition of a rain garden system to your St Louis yard, you're helping to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and cutting down the need for stormwater drainage. The highly trained experts of Quiet Village Landscaping are ready to work with you in creating your ideal rain garden. Make Quiet Village Landscaping your first choice for rain garden systems and eco-friendly landscaping in St Louis.

Permeable Paver Installation
Permeable Pavers With Rain Garden
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