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JP Horizons Face 2 Face Key Landscaping Takeaways

Landscaping Takeaways

As part of ongoing landscape management training, Quiet Village regularly sends team members to unique educational events. This year, we sent two groups to attend JP Horizons Face 2 Face events. These unique events allow landscape professionals to take an in-depth look at their company culture, business goals, training, and overall health of our businesses. …

Front Yard Landscaping

front yard landscaping st louis

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Pick up our front yard landscaping suggestions that can help to highlight the features of your house.  Gone are the days of a basic front yard filled with turf grass. Most homeowners are now looking for ways to increase their homes value by adding curb appeal with front …

How to Save Money on a Landscape Renovation

landscape renovation st louis

If you’ve gotten a price estimate on a landscape renovation project recently, you already know that costs can add up quickly. Just as it’s common to get “sticker shock” with any large-scale renovation project, the same can happen with a landscape design and build project. Luckily, with smart planning and thoughtful decisions, you can add …