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How We All Ended Up Standing in a Dumpster

Standing in a Dumpster

“So there we were, ankle-deep in Christmas lights, standing in a dumpster…” Quiet Village Landscaping had a blast sorting holiday lights with our friends at St. Louis Green on Wednesday, December 11th.  Folks dropped off old Christmas lights that didn’t work anymore at various locations, donating them to St. Louis Green.  Our mission was to …

Pots to Planks: A Green Alternative to Railroad Ties

Plastic landscape timbers made from recycled materials

Many of St. Louis’ yards feature old, rotting railroad ties, used for edging and retaining walls.  If that describes your yard, it’s time to upgrade to an option that is both environmentally friendly and durable.  Quiet Village Landscaping eco-friendly solutions to traditional landscaping timbers. Ask our landscaping team about recycling plastic timbers, composite wood, recycling …