2019 Outdoor Living Maintenance Checklist

Spring is *just* around the corner, signaling the start of our season to shine, as your outdoor living company!

Think ahead to warmer weather by getting scheduled for high-impact maintenance services, keeping your home or business looking FRESH for 2019. 

Gardening & Maintenance : We keep plants & plant beds healthy, year-round. Busy professionals turn to our gardening crews to make sure their flower beds, raised garden beds, and container plants look great for the times you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Tree & Shrub Care : Fertilizers give plants beneficial added nutrients or can work to keep pests away. We keep trees, shrubs, and hedges trimmed properly to ensure healthy growth and to ensure large limbs aren’t actually a potential hazard in your yard.

Lawn Care Plus : We offer seasonal lawn maintenance, at one consistent monthly rate. On average, our crews mow once per week on regular service days (which does sometimes change due to weather). We mow more or less depending on grass growth, dry/wet weather patterns and other naturally occurring factors.

Irrigation Maintenance & Enhancement : Minor changes can make a big difference in the efficiency of your watering system. If you have an irrigation system installed, make sure it’s not using excessive water or missing areas that really need to be watered.

Spring Plantings : Get pops of color, with new spring plants (including edibles)! Our landscape design team can help to create your own, unique outdoor spaces with well-placed flower beds, privacy plantings, native gardens and more. Find us on Instagram for outdoor living inspo!