NEW for 2021: Expanded Sprinkler & Irrigation System Care, including Smart WiFi Sprinklers

Our pandemic pivot?  Expanded sprinkler & irrigation system services that cover modern updates like Smart WiFi irrigation system controls. In our 20th year in business, we are excited to be expanding our landscaping offerings to now include all-inclusive irrigation system maintenance, repair & installation. Quiet Village now has a dedicated team and service routes to help St. Louisans water their outdoor paradise with ease. We even got a new, shiny irrigation-specific work truck for Dorsey (Irrigation Crew Leader) and his team to work from. Honk if you see them on a road near you! 

Say hello to our new irrigation truck!

Expanded Sprinkler & Irrigation System Care in St. Louis

Irrigation systems are critical to grounds maintenance for commercial, recreational, and estate properties. Under or overwatering can cause damage to lawns, garden beds, and ground conditions. No one wants brown, crispy grass. And, no one wants a soggy, mosquito-ridden yard. Upgrades and regular sprinkler maintenance are recommended for most irrigation systems, and can be evaluated every spring during your sprinkler system turn-on, backflow testing and inspection. With summer temperatures on the rise, a watering plan for outdoor living spaces is key to a beautiful landscape. Smart sprinkler systems do most of the work for you, with manual updates made even easier; and access right from your device (phone, tablet, or computer).

Most requested areas for new irrigation system installations include large, super-sunny lawn spaces that get direct sun and newly redesigned landscapes with lots of trees and plants that are just getting established. In St. Louis, it’s not uncommon for us to get both drought-like and flooding conditions, no matter the season. With our challenging weather conditions, it makes landscaping care even more important. That’s why we are committed to watering your paradise well!

Our new irrigation division simply goes by Quiet Village Irrigation. All sprinkler services can be scheduled and organized with your Quiet Village Account Manager or our main office. Got sprinklers or need to get scheduled? Get in touch! We work all over the St. Louis & St. Louis County area to plan, prep, and perfect your paradise. You can even bring all of your lawn, landscaping & irrigation needs to Quiet Village as a “one stop shop” instead of dealing with several outdoor companies. We provide all-inclusive landscaping for your staycation paradise.  

Special thanks to our friends over at BMG Fleet, who take care of our vehicle designs. Tara Staples is the talented graphic designer we work with, who makes us look professional as we drive through neighborhoods and service our clients. Wave if you see us on the road!