Deep Root Fertilization This Fall

It can be easy to forget that our landscape plants need to be fed (just like our lawns!). Finish off your landscaping maintenance plan for 2017 strong, by giving your trees and shrubs what they need to continue to grow and thrive in St. Louis – a deep root feeding, best performed in fall!

Why Fall for Deep Root Fertilization?

As long as the ground isn’t frozen, there’s still time to use fertilizer injections to root feed your trees and shrubs. Because tree and shrub roots will continue to grow throughout even the harshest of St. Louis winters, those roots will be able to remain healthy from the use of beneficial fertilizers that will remain in the soil and readily available for your plants now through the upcoming winter and spring seasons.

How to Apply Deep Root Fertilizer

A professional deep root feeding is performed by injecting a unique fertilizer solution to the top 3-9 inches of soil around the base of the shrub or tree being fertilized. The Quiet Village Landscaping maintenance team creates a custom-blended fertilization treatment that is specific to the type of soil on your property. Because we treat each property with care, making sure that all of your landscaping plants are getting the best fertilization “diet” suited for their unique growing conditions.

Get Started 

Whether you decide to DIY this maintenance project, or have our team of landscape and lawn care professionals take care of your favorite plants, it’s important to keep in mind that timing is everything! In St. Louis, October and November are the best months to apply a deep root feeding to both well-established and new plants. You’ll be providing them with the nutrients they need to grow and remain healthy through our dormant winter season, flourishing strong for Spring 2018!