Fall Secrets For A Beautiful Lawn Next Spring

Taking good care of your lawn in autumn means more than just raking the leaves, and it’s not quite time to cut back your lawn mowing schedule. Before your lawn “goes to sleep” for the season, we have some useful lawn care tasks to help your lawn come back full and green next spring.

Here are a few critical (and organic!) lawn care.

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Fill in Bare Spots

Start by planting new grass seed in sparse lawn areas, to help thicken future grass in those areas. Planting will be most effective by first scratching the soil’s surface before you scatter seeds.

Then, cover the area with a light layer of healthy soil or compost to improve germination rates.

Finally, be sure to water the area frequently, keeping the new grass seed damp while it germinates.

Fertilize for Winter

As your lawn’s growth starts to slow down, it doesn’t mean you should stop feeding it. You’ll want to establish healthy grass roots that can make it through winter, so it will become greener faster the following spring. Quiet Village Landscaping uses a great early-autumn fertilizer mix that helps grass grow better and healthier year after year.

Eliminate Weeds

Many common weeds such as chickweed and crabgrass go to seed during fall-time, which means that lawn care should include some weed removal. We like to give landscapes one final weeding service in autumn to make sure by spring-time, we see less weeds pop up.

Rake on the Regular

An important part of fall lawn care is leaf raking. Not only will your lawn look nicer, you’ll be keeping excess leaves off of your lawn space, eliminating dead patches from appearing next spring. Especially in lawns with lots of tree coverage, a thick layer of autumn leaves can mat down your lawn and smother it.

Quiet Village Landscaping is now performing our seasonal services that include autumn decorations, leaf raking and removal, and complete fall clean-ups.