FAQ: Our Mowing Schedule Explained

Since 2001, Quiet Village has been providing complete lawn mowing and yard maintenance services in St. Louis. With that experience comes best practices that we follow to ensure your lawn stays well maintained and lush all season long. One of our most frequently asked questions is “When are you coming to mow my yard?”.

The short answer is that we try to maintain a regular schedule of lawn maintenance, but that doesn’t always happen. Here’s why. 

The lawn mowing crews at Quiet Village are experienced at following a well-planned schedule and route to keep our lawn care services affordable and your yard freshly cut. Below are a few reasons why you might see us on a different day than your regularly scheduled visit:

Rain, Rain Does Delay! 

Spring and summer brings some pretty serious rain and thunderstorms to St. Louis. When your yard is wet, cutting the grass can damage the turf and compact the soil. Mowing equipment can create ruts in your yard and if you do mow when grass blades are slick with water, the cuts will create an uneven shred rather than the clean, professional cut you expect after a mowing visit.


Every so often we adjust our lawn mowing routes for travel effectiveness, helping to keep our costs low and giving our fuel efficiency a boost. We’re committed to environmentally friendly landscaping practices by keeping our fuel usages down and being mindful of our St. Louis service area routes. These adjustments aren’t very common, but they do happen. We try our best to inform you of any adjustments and appreciate your understanding when they happen!

Growing Slow

Occasionally our grounds maintenance crews will visit a property and the grass won’t actually be long enough to cut. Best practices for mowing indicate grass must be tall enough to cut without damaging the lawn in the long run. While this isn’t very common for a St. Louis lawn, it does happen!

Rest assured that if you are on our mowing list, we will be coming to take care of your yard shortly after a rainstorm or scheduling update. If for some reason we haven’t visited to cut your grass a few days after your regularly scheduled visit day, please contact us! We are happy to take a look at your account, but also ask that you be patient after rainfall in St. Louis

Did you know that we also do larger, landscape renovation projects? Our team is capable at not only maintaining lawns but also designing and installing outdoor lighting systems, hardscaping projects like patios, walkways, retaining walls and more! We also have an awesome “Refer a Friend” program, giving both you and your referee a $100 account credit as a Thank You for spreading the love!