Festive Outdoor Décor Ideas for the Holidays

Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit more than festive and fun outdoor décor. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most extravagant holidays for seasonal décor, and there are so many options available to get you into the cheerful spirit of the holiday season. Looking for ideas? Try some of our most eye-catching ideas to cheer up the rest of your year.

Twinkle, Twinkle Holidays Lightsoutdoor holiday lights

The sun goes down before 5 p.m. in St. Louis throughout November and December, leaving lots of families in the dark by the time they get home. Feel welcomed when you return home this winter with cheerful holiday lights! Even simple strands around your front porch, mailbox, or entranceway can have a big impact. Use inexpensive light timers to automatically turn on and off your light displays when you’re not home to enjoy them.

Even if you don’t want to mess with hanging up Christmas lights, you can buy an easy-to-use projector light, like this multicolored LED falling snowflake light by Philips. You can instantly decorate the outside of your entire home with this amazing falling snow effect!

Adopt Holiday Pets!

Have some serious fun with charming animal sculptures that light up. Choose between a tinsel lit pug with hat and scarf, an enchanting 29.5” unicorn, a whimsical (and super adorable!) narwhal, or tropical flamingo. These sculptures make great standalone accents to your home, or you can pair with your decorated Christmas tree for updated holiday look for your traditional tree. These are great for families with children, or to decorate small urban spaces as a cheery alternative to a full-sized holiday tree.

holiday wreaths ladue Step-up Your Wreath Game

Holiday wreaths are almost synonymous with the Christmas season, so why not elevate your front door look this year? We love the idea of simply adding string lights to your holiday wreath to really illuminate your seasonal look. Simply purchase a battery powered set of string lights that are compatible with a timer and wrap around your favorite holiday wreath.

Then, it’s ready to hang! You can also add new bows, ribbons, glitter, or other seasonal accents to breathe new life into your holiday décor.


As a landscaping company, we’re not the biggest fans of most inflatable pieces for outdoor holiday decorating. Inflatables left in the yard and in the same spot for too long can cause brown spots in your lawn and suffocate your grass. However, there are some styles that are meant to be to kept off your lawn and still make a big impact. One of our favorite new styles is this cute inflatable gingerbread house archway that could be placed right in front of your front door. What an easy way to add some seasonal charm to your entranceway! We also like this fabulous Santa on vacation inflatable that could be placed in an existing flower bed or garden bed without suffocating your grass.

Long Lasting Cheer

Lots of our clients love the permanent cheer that landscaping lighting provides. Outdoor lighting highlights focal points of your home and yard, which contributing to safety. When the holidays roll around, you can strategically place decorations to be illuminated by these permanent landscape lights! As an added bonus, these lights are meant to last. You don’t have to worry about “taking them down” after the New Year has passed. It’s a great way to illuminate your property year round, adding a bright cheer to your home every evening. Learn more about it here.

Looking for even more holiday décor ideas?! Visit our past blog post here that’s filled with creative DIY project ideas to get into the holiday spirit this year!