Gorgeous Fall Container Garden Plants (not just Mums & Pumpkins!)

There’s nothing better than a festive front entrance for fall!

Container gardens and plant beds set the stage for cooler weather plants that instantly add seasonal color and texture. At the end of summer, we give our gardening clients a seasonal update by replacing fading summer annuals with new vibrant fall annuals. We also spruce up container gardens for a plant arrangement that will look great as the seasons start to change, September through Thanksgiving. 

container gardens for fall These autumn-blooming plants can be used with or without ever popular mums, pumpkins, or gourds. 

Fall Foliage can be used for color instead of traditional flowers. Ornamental kale can add deep purple texture and grape holly add unique interest that will last well past the first frost (which in St. Louis can be very unpredictable!). 

Ornamental Grasses can be used to add height to your fall container garden. Grasses can even be used to add vibrant color, like rich gold or purple. 

Peppers & Pansies make a fun autumn arrangement that will last well after Halloween. 

Coralbells are frost-resistant plants that add instant impact to any end of the year container garden arrangement. 

Twigs & branches can be used to add drama that can be carried over to holiday and Christmas-themed container gardens. The redtwig dogwoods and wintergreen are excellent choices that can transition seamlessly into winter. 

You can also use dried flowers mixed with live plants in your container garden. Dried flowers can be used to add interest and fill spaces without buying lots of new plants. 

And finally, don’t overlook using perennials in your fall container garden. These can be treated as annuals at the end of the season, or you can plant them in the ground for them to grow and become established year after year. Just be sure to get them into the ground before it freezes. 

fall container garden design

So, even if you have just a few container gardens, you can keep them looking festive and fun with our seasonal decor services. We keep your pots and garden beds updated to look fabulous from early spring through winter. Skip the cheap, plastic decor and instead opt for sustainable decor ideas. Durable pots can be reused year after year, plants can be brought inside or composted after they die back. 

For full-service gardening and outdoor maintenance, reach out to our team to set-up a first initial site visit and discussion about your needs. We evaluate your property and your needs, to make sure you’ll get the best landscaping service in St. Louis. Our award-winning landscaping team prioritizes eco-friendly approaches that brings low maintenance style to every outdoor living space.