How to Save Money on a Landscape Renovation

If you’ve gotten a price estimate on a landscape renovation project recently, you already know that costs can add up quickly. Just as it’s common to get “sticker shock” with any large-scale renovation project, the same can happen with a landscape design and build project. Luckily, with smart planning and thoughtful decisions, you can add more value to your budget to get the look and feel of your dream outdoor oasis – all without letting the cost get out of control.

To save money on a landscape renovation project this year, read our expert advice on the best ways you can save money on a landscape redesign, featuring some unexpected places you can trim down budget without sacrificing on quality or style.

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  • Use High-Impact & Low Cost Landscape Accents.

Some larger, permanent or high-use design features should always be created using high quality materials. Yet, for smaller accents and outdoor decor, you can get creative with less.

Try adding affordable visual elements like garden obelisks or outdoor art work to add style to your yard.

Most mailboxes can be upgraded inexpensively, adding a great statement piece right in the front of your home.

  • Choose Perennials Over Annual Plants

To add flowers and plants to your plant beds, your best bet is to choose perennial plants over annuals. Perennials come back year after year, while annuals need to be bought and replanted each and every season. Best of all, Perennial plants can be divided and replanted, giving you new plants to spread throughout your landscape!

  • Choose Less Expensive Materials

Hardscaping elements like patios and pathways are oftentimes major expenses in a landscape renovation. When looking to lessen your budget, you can choose to use less expensive materials either temporarily or permanently in your landscape design.

For example, a landscape renovation project can be design with a gravel patio now, with the idea that it be upgraded in the future to stone or concrete. You can also scout out local sources for salvaged materials. A favorite in St. Louis is Refab STL!

  • Purchase Pots at End of Season Sales

Throughout winter, St. Louis plant nurseries and gardening centers will feature big sales on containers and pots. It’s a great time to stock up on large pots or planters that you’ll use in spring and summer. We recommend Rolling Ridge Nursery or Garden Heights Nursery as great local sources for large pots and containers!

  • Landscape in Phases

When you want a major landscape renovation, you can consider installing the landscape design over several phases. Creating a long-term plan for your landscaping, then phasing out the work, can help to keep costs and the expense of performing work over again, within budget.

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