Best Ideas for Outdoor Fall Decor in St. Louis

Fall is knocking on our door, and we’re already planning new design ideas and connecting with the best plant nurseries and farms near St. Louis to brainstorm fun concepts for Festive Fall Color Displays, like the one pictured here. 

fall decor displays st louis

People enjoy fall so much because our hot summers cool off and leave us with vibrant autumn displays of color. We bring that vibrancy and celebration of falls best colors right to your doorstep. An “outdoor oasis” pro will visit your home or business to visualize how many pumpkins, gourds, hay bales, mums, and other festive finishing touches you’ll need to make your front entrance POP. Our outdoor experts design, install, and remove your fall display right on time. You’ll experience the magic of fall at the beginning of October that’ll last well after Halloween, and still looking festive for Thanksgiving. Once your autumn decor is taken down, we can even replace it right away with Holiday garland and lighting. 

Families love this design service because it makes celebrating the holidays easy. You come home to a beautiful autumn display created with all-natural plant material. We don’t litter your yard with cheap plastic or chintzy items that will just get thrown away after one use. You’ll get a natural, organic display that we compost and dispose of properly. 

Business owners, property managers, restaurants, and shops love fall displays because they are fun and Instagram-worthy. We create the perfect backdrop for fall-themed photos. With the popularity of pumpkin-spiced lattes, Halloween, and Oktoberfest, a seasonal display could be the perfect addition to your front entrance, patio, courtyard or sidewalk space. 

We like to get autumn displays up on time, making September the best month to get scheduled for a walk-thru of your decoration space to get the most value from your display. We can also customize requests based on style preferences, whether it’s classic fall colors or no-mums and modern. You can find more autumn inspiration here, where we have lots of photo showcasing past autumn decorations. But most importantly, take a look at your outdoor space to see if you would want to bring an elevated look of fall to shine a little bit of fall-themed happiness on you and your visitors for over 2 months!