Mid-Century Modern Techo-Bloc Permeable Paver Patio – Landscape Design/Build in Olivette, MO

The cool thing about landscape design/build is that every project is unique, because every home or building is unique. See how we transformed an outdated brick patio into a dreamy Mid-Century Modern Techo-Bloc Permeable Paver Patio alongside a new pathway leading from the driveway to the backyard pool. The outdoor living update brought sustainability and style together, to give this underused space the refresh it needed to be enjoyable for this MCM-style loving couple in Olivette. 

mid-century modern patio build in st. louis using Techo-Bloc

Mid-Century Modern style homes feature clean, simple lines with big windows that are meant to bring the outdoors in. Perfect for landscape designers like us, right?! This is what we were working with when we started on this new patio installation project, replacing an crumbling clay brick patio that had been there for years. 

Quiet Village was hired to remove the old clay bricks that were uneven, stained and even dangerous to walk on. The new patio was created using Techo-Bloc storm pavers filled with black trap gravel in a basket weave pattern for the ultimate Mid-Century Modern patio update. Then, our outdoor construction crew cleared out some natural brush to allow for more usable space to reroute the walkway approach to the patio. This opened up space and helped to define the lines along the home’s exterior, to further highlight the Mid-Century Modern architecture. For the main patio space we used Techo Bloc Aquastorm pavers filled with black trap gravel. Techo-Bloc Paraslab was used to connect the patio to the side door and for outdoor steps winding down through the garden, which was previously grassy and difficult to walk down. Now, the homeowners can access the side pool area easily, instead of walking down a precarious pathway. 

This unique design allowed for the paver patio to blend effortlessly with the home’s exterior. In keeping with the style of MCM, the basket weave pattern gives a geometric block style from the 1960’s. See the patio transformation. 

Now, the patio drains better and has a uniform, smooth finish. Permeable paver designs like this are ideal for outdoor areas that see get large amounts of stormwater run-off or have poor drainage. This patio is alongside a steep hillside leading to a creek, making it a perfect place for permeable patio like this. For best paver hardscaping material selections and options, you are always welcome to meet with someone from our St. Louis-based landscape design team. When you book an initial landscaping tour and consultation with us, we will guide you through options, project costs, and our professional recommendations on enhancing your outdoor living spaces. We work hard to make sure your investment into landscaping enhancements is going to stand the test of time, giving you outdoor living updates that will complement your home’s architecture, instead of becoming an eye-sore. From permeable paver patios to full outdoor kitchens or low-maintenance garden beds, we bring the outdoors right to your doorstep every time we come! 
paver walkway and patio design build hardscaping in St. Louis by Quiet Village
Did you know? Permeable paver patios may qualify for sustainability focused grant programs, giving you free money to make landscaping improvements! We work closely with MSD’s Project Clear Grant Program and the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance’s Rainscape Rebate Programs to help homeowners embrace more sustainable landscaping improvements. We always encourage planting natives over invasive plants, and to replace a boring lawnscape with a vibrant ecologically diverse landscape! 
Shoutout to our amazing construction crews who brought this dream patio renovation to life. Our Oasis All-Stars make sure every hardscaping project we complete is built to last, enhancing curb appeal and life spent at home in the Midwest. They really are the best! 
Quiet Village Oasis All-Stars!