Pool Landscaping & Poolscapes in St. Louis

Pools are in high-demand this year in St. Louis. With social distancing a priority for all, it’s no surprise that maximizing your outdoor space is trendy. Pool landscaping and poolscapes are especially trendy, as homeowners look to create their own outdoor oasis they can enjoy safely this summer. 

Pool Landscaping & Poolscape Ideas 

Those lucky enough to already have a pool are adding finishing touches, like improving the surrounding pool landscaping. Plants can be added to create privacy screening or add color with long-lasting blooming flowers. 

pool surrounding landscaping in St. LouisWe are also installing hardscaping features to maximize time spent poolside, like outdoor BBQ grill islands, expanded patio spaces for lounging, and covered spaces to take a break from the sun. Pools surrounded by thoughtful landscaping make the space feel more natural, calming, or secluded. Pool landscaping transforms a basic “watering hole” into a private paradise surround by lush greenery and eye-catching natural elements. 

PoolscapeWe recently designed and built this natural waterfall and surrounding landscaping for a homeowner in Frontenac. The waterfall’s soft natural sounds heighten the serenity of the pool space. The surrounding landscaping and natural boulders help to reduce stormwater run-off into the pool, keeping it clean and clear. As the surrounding plants grow and become more established they will add even more interest to this outdoor space. 

pool landscaping st. louisWe maintain the outdoor space of this backyard pool and hot tub in St. Louis. A blend of well-established and new plantings surround the pool area, giving the outdoor living space plenty of dappled shade and organic elements that people love when they want to enjoy time outside. A pool landscape design can also feature tropical container gardens or hardy exotic-looking annuals or perennial plants that make you feel like you’re on vacation right in your own backyard! 

pool landscaping ideasIf you are thinking about building a pool in your yard, start the process with Quiet Village Landscaping! We have established relationships with local pool builders to help streamline the process and maximize the space surrounding your pool. Thoughtful design elements can go a long way to take even the most basic pool design to a next-level feature that’ll boost property value, overall aesthetic, and enjoyment of your new pool for years to come. We create a comprehensive master design that takes into consideration your entire property, not just a simple pool design shape where space is available. You can see our most current landscaping work here to keep up with the latest trends in outdoor living in St. Louis. 

With staycations taking the place of vacations this year, even simple outdoor upgrades will have you enjoying life at home more. Even small spaces can be maximized for more outdoor enjoyment. Pergolas are great for creating dappled shade that helps to beat the summer heat. Outdoors kitchens and grilling islands making backyard BBQ’s more sophisticated. Replacing a worn outdoor staircase or retaining wall boosts curb appeal and safety. Outdoor lighting extends entertaining hours and adds a greater sense of security. We are also seeing people interested in improving draining issues in their yard, looking for sustainable options like rain gardens or larger rainscaping projects to help keep outdoor spaces well drained after big rainfall events. 

To get started on a poolscape design with our team, we offer free initial design consultations. You meet with a designer to go over your dream pool design elements and we will provide recommendations. Then, to get us started on a custom landscape design we require a landscape design retainer. This retainer ranges from $200-500, depending on the scope of the landscape design. The retainer is fully credited back to you once we begin the installation process.