Preparing Your Outdoor Backyard Pond For Winter

Backyard ponds or in-ground water gardens are a great way to add interest to your landscape and help support local wildlife. Garden ponds can also be benificial for growing specific types of plants, flowers, and even creating habitats for fish or amphibians.

In St. Lowhat to do with pond in winteruis, we¬†can all tell from the sudden drop in temperatures recently that winter is coming. This year, don’t let falling leaves and other decaying matter imbalance your pond’s water chemisty. Especially during frost, toxins from decomposing plant and fish waste can get trapped under ice, suffocating overwintering amphibians and fish.

In falltime, skim your pond’s surface with a net, ideally once a day or more often, depending on the leaves and fallen debris your pond location may get. Also, depending on your pond’s size and wintertime low temperatures, you can use a submerged bubbler or aerator to keep a hole open in ice. You can also help to keep your pond clean by trimming back hardy water plants, and lifting less hardy varieties before frost.

Quiet Village Landscaping offers landscape design services that incorporate natural looking and native habitat supporting elements that make your property the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted. We have experience creating and maintaining ponds as well as selecting the supplies you’ll need for a backyard pond feature (pond filtration system, landscape/pond lighting, aquatic plants, fountains, bubbling boulders, and more).

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