Quiet Village Landscaping Joins Grow Native!

Grow Native! is a native landscaping educational program of the Missouri Prairie Foundation.
Quiet Village Landscaping first learned about Grow Native! through our involvement with native planting and biodiversity events and programs throughout the Midwest, and this summer we were happy to become the latest professional member of this amazing organization.

grow native logoNot only does Grow Native! help to protect and restore biodiversity, they aim to significantly increase the demand and use of native plants in the lower Midwest, which includes our St. Louis Metropolitan service area. As a eco-minded landscaping company, we were thrilled to support a local organization that promotes conservation awareness of native plants as well as their effective use in urban and suburban areas – which can be incorporated into every one of our landscape designs and projects.

Quiet Village Landscaping strives to incorporate not only native plants, but plants that are beneficial to property owners and the local habitat. We are a proud member of Grow Native!, and we would love to join them in promoting biodiversity in the St. Louis-area! We’re happy to help both homeowners and local businesses establish a beautiful landscape on their property that is functional, beautiful, and a source of habitat for our local wildlife (including the ones that migrate through our area!). For more information on establishing your native landscape, email us at info@quietvillagelandscaping.com to get started on improving your outdoor oasis.