How to Make Your Backyard More Dog-Friendly

Summer in St. Louis is in full swing, and many pet owners are getting a glimpse of some of the problems that can be caused by our four-legged friends being active in the backyard – digging, jumping, running (in the same spots!), and yes, even pooping can take their toll on yard areas with grass

Plus, it’s really imporbest outdoor dog st louistant for any pet with high exercise needs to have a dog-friendly backyard. When pets spend time outdoors, they receive mental stimulation which helps prevent common behavior problems  with pets too.

Luckily for all St. Louis-area homeowners with pet pals, there are many ways you can easily create a low-maintenance, dog-friendly backyard!

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to try at your own home (or dog-friendly office!).

Doggy Pool

dog pool st louisAdding a small-sized water feature created especially with your pooch in mind can be a great source of entertainment for your dog. There are lots of versatile ways of adding this feature to your outdoor living space, depending on your space and budget. You can get a cheap play pool or go one step further by digging out a small pool or pond for your furry friend to enjoy all summer long! Just be sure your new water feature has safe walk-in access areas.

Puppy Porthole

Does your dog enjoy people-watching? Is he always gazing out of the window, watching the world go by? Indulge his curious habit by installing a viewing porthole in your fence! All you need to do is insert a panel or Plexiglas bubble. This new view of the world can help to prevent anxious behaviors of your four-legged friend, like destructive digging.

DIY Dog House dog st louis backyard

If your favorite pet loves the great outdoors, why not build a dog house to give your pet a place to call his own? This website has some amazing (and free!) Dog House Plan available here.

Our design team is really into creating your own dog house for your pooch – and matching the style and paint color to your own home!

Savvy Sandbox 

A newly installed doggy sandbox will surely get your dog’s tail wagging! Best of all your sandbox can serve two purposes – a doggy digging heaven or a poop-time patch. This newly designated area for your dog will not only help to protect your well maintained lawn, but also dog a special place for potty business, meaning you and your family can walk around safely in your yard.

Quiet Village Landscaping has a pet friendly office, and if you’re stopping by for a design appointment, you just might be greeted by a friendly pooch when you arrive!

Looking for more ideas on incorporating dog-friendly design into your landscape? Give us a call at (314) 657-7050 to discuss a few of our fun ideas, that can be tailored to your own home.

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