St. Louis Green Business Challenge : Sustainability at Quiet Village

As an eco-conscious landscaping company, we value sustainable practices when it comes to landscape design, plant selection, and construction.

We’re partners with local organizations like Grow Native! and the Deer Creek Watershed Alliance to promote sustainability in the services that we provide. Last year, we won the Environmental Stewardship Award from the National Association of Landscape Professionals. 

Environmental Stewardship Award

However, around our office we needed a little help to make sure we were just as green internally as we were in every landscape we design, install, and maintain. 

This is why we decided to participate in the 2019 St. Louis Green Business Challenge, organized by the Missouri Botanical Garden. 

As a company, we took action to reduce our environmental impact and evaluate all of the ways we can get better at bringing sustainability to our internal office practices. Here’s how we improved! 

Sustainability Education & Communication – E-Newsletter

We have a monthly internal e-newsletter that gets distributed to our entire team. We added a section focused on sustainability topics – everything from friendly eco-conscious reminders to why native plants and perennials are better for our environment. 

Native Landscaping & Rain Gardens 

Since 2001 we have been designing landscapes with native plants and sustainable features. We are always striving to improve the beauty of properties, as well as improve the biodiversity that’s beneficial to our surroundings.

We moved into a new building in 2017. Since then, we have been planting native & perennial plants and grasses along with small trees and shrubs which work to mitigate some of the stormwater runoff we experience. 

native plants st louis

native plants in st louis

Eliminating Styrofoam

To help minimize our use of Styrofoam and one-time use plates, utensils, and cups, we invested in reusable kitchen items. We also have Styrofoam eliminated from our purchasing policies. 

Eliminating One-Time Use Plastic Bottles & Bottled Water

We installed a refillable hydration station to reduce the number of single use bottled water by our team. We also offer reusable drink bottles to our team and guests. 

refillable drink station

reusable drink bottles st louis

We also have insulated glasses for our always on-the-go team, so that they can stay hydrated on job-sites. 

No Idling Policy 

We now have a company-wide no idling policy for all vehicles, which is highlighted with new signage in both English and Spanish. 

st. louis green business challenge

Reducing Plastic Use for Property Visits

Until recently, we were using plastic bags and carbon-copy paper to leave behind after every visit to a property. Those have been redesigned as a recycled cardboard door hanger, eliminating our use of these plastic bags. 

From Paper to Mobile App! 

Our entire team now utilizes a mobile app for scheduling, communication, and more. This has reduced our overall use of paper. Going forward, we are continuing to find ways to eliminate our reliance on paper, going digital with communication when we can!

best landscaping company st louis

Our green practices go beyond the internal improvements we’ve made as participants in the St. Louis Green Business Challenge!

Our services go beyond “traditional” landscaping, because: 

We install permeable pavers and environmentally friendly alternatives to typical overuse of turf grass and expansive lawn spaces. 

We work smarter by decreasing the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides

Every Winter we cut salt use by using environmentally-friendly ice melt alternatives. 

We help the habitat by improving biodiversity, creating pollinator friendly gardens and meadows, and forage-friendly habitats. 

Almost every landscape design includes more trees, which improve air quality, filter pollutants, and can be used for privacy or windbreaks.