Style Tips For Your Outdoor Living Space

For most homeowners, the backyard isn’t the main focus for their home design plans. However, this can become an advantage when it comes to outdoor living spaces. By the time many of us consider the backyard, we’ve already developed a strong sense of own unique décor personality.

Home Garden With Patio Area And Fireplace

Most home design styles can be classified as one or even a combination of the following: traditionalist, bohemian, modern, eclectic, rustic or industrial.

Fortunately, there are backyard design plans to suit any taste, as well as any budget. Some design elements that might have particular appeal to different décor personalities include:

Traditionalist: Think classic comfort. What is the primary purpose of a patio? A place for sitting and relaxing. Attractive, sturdy pavers in tasteful patterns provide easy walking and an artistic base for entertaining nooks of tables, chairs, planters, and picnic tables.

outdoor living space firepitBohemian: We love the idea of adding a fire pit. Fire pits are an easy way to create a cozy gathering space for family and friends. And everyone can appreciate freedom from bugs; wood fires can help keep mosquitoes and other outdoor pests away.

Modernist: Try adding multiple levels. Homeowners hoping for a modern look can consider a range of options for walkways and pavers that might include steps and gradual slopes to wind through a terraced garden.

Eclectic: Water features are so fun! Homeowners can show off their eclectic backyard style with a fountain, fish pond, bird bath, or other water feature that makes a splash.

Rustic: Who doesn’t enjoy eating out? Cooking outdoors can reach a new level, as built-in outdoor kitchens allow guests to help with meal prep or simply chat with the host/chef while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Backyard Pool HouseIndustrial: Unique lighting is a great way to make a statement and set the mood in an outdoor setting. Some ways to get creative with light include not only hardscape lighting and illuminated planters, but cool elements such as lighting fixtures that highlight outdoor artwork or sculptures for a more urban, industrial vibe.

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