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St. Louis Leaf Clean-up Schedules

leaf collection schedules

Oftentimes as fall turns leaves vibrant shades of rust, sandstone, and camel, our clients will email or call us, asking about their specific neighborhoods leaf or lawn debris collection schedule. To help our St. Louis-area lawn care customers access this information easily, we’ve compiled a helpful list showing which municipalities have curbside leaf clean-up, along with …

Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal and fall cleanup service, landscape maintenance

In St. Louis, we love the vibrant colors that our trees display in autumn.  However, we don’t love the back-breaking work of cleaning up fallen leaves, sticks, or—heaven forbid—stickerballs from those Sweet Gum Trees! Quiet Village Landscaping is here to meet your lawn’s needs this fall.  We offer a competitive rate for leaf removal and …