Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup

Leaf removal and fall cleanup service, landscape maintenance
Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup

In St. Louis, we love the vibrant colors that our trees display in autumn.  However, we don’t love the back-breaking work of cleaning up fallen leaves, sticks, or—heaven forbid—stickerballs from those Sweet Gum Trees!

Quiet Village Landscaping is here to meet your lawn’s needs this fall.  We offer a competitive rate for leaf removal and fall cleanup services.  With specialized equipment such as portable leaf vacuum systems, we remove leaves from garden beds and turf efficiently and effectively, leaving your yard looking good.

We are happy to haul away the leaves to be composted.  However, you can avoid the disposal cost by requesting us to put the leaves on the street a week before your scheduled curbside leaf pickup.  Please follow the links below to double-check the curbside pickup schedule for your neighborhood.  The Curbside Leaf Pickup service is brought to you by city tax revenue, so call your city’s public works office if you are unsure whether or not you have access to this service at this time.


Curbside Leaf Pickup Schedules:


Creve Couer


Richmond Heights

University City

To give your lawn the best care, we recommend scheduling a leaf cleanup three times this fall.  Once in early autumn, again before Thanksgiving, and once more before Christmas.  This helps your grass breathe easy and gets your yard into shape for company.

Don’t let leaf-clutter prevent you from enjoying the beauty of the changing seasons.  Give us a call today to set up a free estimate for your yard!