It Takes a Village for Social Distancing & Safety to Work.

Like most St. Louisans and businesses, we are quickly adopting to new safety precautions recommended to slow the spread of the novel Coronavirus in our community. We take safety seriously at Quiet Village, and it truly takes a village for social distancing to help flatten the curve of the pandemic. 

We support these life-saving efforts to keep our team, clients, and neighbors safe in every way that we can. 

Waving is the new handshake!

Socially Distant Design & Communication 

Normally, we meet face-to-face for design & consultation meetings. Now, we’re embracing social distancing practices to keep everyone safer. We’ll still visit your property to take measurements and photos, but you can maintain a safe physical distance on our walking tour, or communication with us via email, phone call, text or by filling out our new Design Form here

We Work Outdoors, Always 

Working outside is our passion, and we’re fully embracing outdoor living these days! We only work on the outside of your home, just wave or call if you need us! 

A Digital Village 

Our ‘Oasis All-Stars’ are digitally savvy, working remotely alongside many others in St. Louis to get through this, together. While you’re working from home, email us photos of your yard, message us questions on Facebook, or schedule a no-contact walking tour of your property with us. We’ll show up in our sanitized trucks, keeping a respectable distance from you. 

Cleaning, Safety & Training 

Our work trucks, landscaping equipment, and office have never been so clean. We’re diligent about ongoing safety updates, training, and best cleaning practices as recommended by the CDC and healthcare experts. 

We’re working hard to make sure safety is a priority this Spring, and we take our responsibility as a member of the STL community very seriously. We will get through this together.