Tips on Saving Money on Landscape Maintenance in St. Louis

If your like most homeowners, your looking for ways to reduce the cost of home maintenance, including landscaping costs. Keep your St. Louis yard looking good by paying special attention to the health of your perennial plants, shrubs & trees. Even if your own yard is planted with native prairie plants, there are certain needs that plants have, to make sure they grow well.

To help you decide what to plant where, start with our top tips to make sure your beautiful yard is affordable to maintain. 

  • Only install plants that can survive the climate and soil in your St. Louis, MO yard. Unfortunately, our landscape crews have all too often seem plants that die due to wrong lighting conditions or improper soil. We can help by designing your backyard paradise to match your unique sunlight, size, and grade of your lawn.
  • Hydration is extremely important for new plants. Underwatering new plantings is a top reason that homeowners have bad luck growing plants in their yard. Try creating your own watering schedule for your plants, that you can modify with natural rainfall.
  • Keeping your new plants healthy means giving attention to the soil and any nutrients it may be lacking. Be sure to pay special attention to labels on any fertilizers you might use.

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