Winter Mulching to Protect Plants

Add fresh mulch this winter for happy plants!

Every winter St. Louis experiences freezing temperatures, which can damage plants.

So, while most of us only think of mulching our yard and plant beds in the spring and summer to keep unwanted weeds at bay and to retain moisture, there are useful reasons to perform winter mulching too. Adding mulch to plant beds in winter is a great way to protect your plants while they’re dormant. Winter mulching is beneficial because it keeps the ground frozen by shielding it from the warmth of the sun. A steady temperature helps to keep the plant in dormancy and prevents and new premature growth during any warm spells. Tender, new growth too soon only results in more winter die back. Not only will your plants start spring off strong and healthy, your landscape will look nice and tidy this winter instead of getting a severe case of “the winter blahs” that is so common around St. Louis.

Ideally, you should mulch plants before consistent freezing temperatures, regardless of the time of year. In Missouri, November and December is usually the best time to perform winter mulching.

Keep your landscape plants and trees cozy this winter, by adding a warm blanket over your plants this winter (just like you do on your own bed).

Quiet Village Landscaping offers plant bed maintenance including mulching and edging to the St. Louis metropolitan area. We love mulching because it’s a beneficial way to enhance the look of your property and care for your favorite trees and shrubs. We know that your outdoor living spaces are an important extension of your home, and we pride ourselves in giving families more time to enjoy outdoor activities in their outdoor spaces, creating unique places to spend more time outside, such as mindfulness gardens, outdoor meditation areas, corporate wellness areas, lunch and break gardens, and more!