garden soil additives

Awesome – and All Natural! – Garden Soil Additives

Everyone on our team knows about using eco-friendly alternatives for landscape maintenance and home gardening. Whenever possible, it’s always a great idea to switch to environmentally healthy options for maintaining your outdoor space. We have a few secrets that we use that can help to enable any home gardener to incorporate organic and natural solutions into their own outdoor program.

Here are a few all-natural soil additives that are amazing to use, to get your garden soil as healthy as possible!

garden soil additivesWorm castings. These can help to create a strong soil structure and they also help to hold moisture so you’re able to water your garden less.

Rotted Manure. Rotted manure’s nutrient rich content helps to build a strong structure of carbon compounds within your soil, and can easily be found at gardening centers and local farms. Rotted manure can be added to garden soil before planting and added again as a top dressing around plants.

Homemade Compost. Simply by using grass clippings, kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, dried leaves and other natural things from your home you can create your own “black gold” for your garden beds! Compost has beneficial nutrients in it, which helps your garden soil to be the perfect place for microbes. Compost makes a great top dressing to smother weeds around your healthy plants.

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