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Meet our team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our St. Louis Landscape Design and Installation Team

We call ourselves Oasis All-Stars because we shine bright as landscaping leaders in our community! When you work with Quiet Village Landscaping, you gain valuable insights from our team of industry pros.

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Our award-winning outdoor experts care about the environment, using technology and training to bring the very best in environmentally friendly landscaping practices to every landscape design, construction, and outdoor maintenance project. We're also committed to community action, as active members and supporters of Grow Native, Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, EarthWays Center - Missouri Botanical Garden, Bring Conservation Home, and more.

Quiet Village Landscaping Dennis Evans

Dennis E owner

Dennis Evans started Quiet Village Landscaping Co. from the ground up… no pun intended. Throughout his childhood, Dennis enjoyed working with his parents to improve their outdoor home environment, be it hardscape projects, plant installation or maintenance. Around 2000 – 2001, Dennis started cutting grass for clients, and Quiet Village Landscaping was born.

The business expanded from maintenance to custom design as his mother Karen shared her talents with Dennis and his growing company. Today, Quiet Village Landscaping Co. includes managers and specialists, two landscape designers, and several maintenance and installation teams, as well as office staff.

Dennis cares greatly about his customers and his team. In order to consistently produce high-quality work, Dennis chooses team members that are passionate about landscaping, doing their best, and learning additional skills. Dennis develops the team’s potential by training programs, encouraging camaraderie, rewarding a job well done, and treating the team to things like a company-wide barbeque or a paintball shoot-out.

Quiet Village stands out from other landscaping companies because of Dennis’ passion about sustainability and environmentally friendly landscaping practices. Sharing the benefits and possibilities of green landscaping with customers is a top priority for Dennis. He also engages with the community in service projects in order to give back to his city and to the environment.

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Some of our Oasis All-Stars! Jose, Juan Bernardo, Heather, Ashley, Octavio and Gabby.

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