Backflow Testing for St. Louis County – What’s Required for All Irrigation Systems

If you have an irrigation system or plan on installing one soon, you’ll need a backflow test (also called a backflow inspection or sprinkler blowout) done with a licensed irrigation contractor annually to make sure your device is functioning properly. See what’s required for all irrigation systems in St. Louis County; whether the sprinklers are being used or not. 

Backflow Testing of Irrigation Systems in St. Louis County 

Every year the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) as well as a St. Louis County Ordinance require that all irrigation systems pass a backflow test, with the proper processing fee paid & completed summary sheet completed by a licensed irrigation contractor. Once you receive a notice in the mail, it’s important to schedule a backflow test in the event that repairs need to be made to ensure a sprinkler system is up to code and working properly.

A backflow test can usually take less than an hour to complete. We submit all required paper work to the Water Purveyor as well as St. Louis County Public Works. Our licensed irrigation technicians can also make repairs, run water usage audits, and upgrade parts or control panels to WiFi to make sure your sprinklers aren’t wasting money. 

Backflow inspections can be completed for your irrigation system any time of the year, and typically is a requirement with a new home sale that already has an irrigation system installed. The most popular time to schedule a backflow test is late March – May in St. Louis. This is typically when the weather has warmed up enough to test your backflow and turn-on your system for the lawn care season in spring, summer & fall. So, if you have an irrigation system or you’re thinking about getting one installed, you’ll need a licensed irrigation contractor to work with for your annual backflow testing. Our experienced technicians can even help resolve any delinquent (over 90 days late) responses to testing requests. 

Schedule your backflow test with Quiet Village, or get information on any of the other outdoor services we offer like landscaping design, horticultural services, construction, hardscaping, outdoor lighting & full service lawn care. It is common for us to combine both irrigation system services with lawn mowing so that our specialists can monitor watering zones, irrigation lines, sprinkler heads, and adjust as necessary throughout the year; not just at the beginning and end of the gardening season in St. Louis. 

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